Fashion Week’s Fresh New Face: High Fashion Temporary Tattoos

New Metallic Freckle Face Temporary Tattoos

What fall fashion trends will emerge during #NYFW 2017?

Flashy Freckle Face Temporary Tattoos are the latest fashion trend.

Fashion week in New York City is building hype for this year's fall looks. Every major fashion magazine and fashion blog is going to come out with this year’s hottest trends, best and worst dressed, as well as the coveted critique of the designer line up. Over the years some truly incredible things have graced the runway, especially when it comes to styling. We’ve seen everything from pretty, pastel eyes to futuristic metallic headdresses. It’s hard to imagine or anticipate what comes next in the fashion community but each year as new trends emerge, one remains consistent accessorizing with temporary tattoos.

Temporary Tattoos in Fashion

Since when are temporary tattoos considered high fashion? In previous runway shows, four major designers showcased temporary tattoos, some of which were their own, original designs. These designers made a huge splash in the accessorizing community and their success was off the charts, especially for Chanel.

When you think Coco Chanel, you may think of pastel jackets and lace or you may think of the famous perfume Chanel No. 5. You don’t immediately think of tattoo designs, but Chanel’s line of temporary tattoos went on to the top trends in the world of high fashion in 2010. Their designs encompassed everything from the classic Coco Chanel logo, to lace, to rosary beads.

Fashion Temporary Tattoo from past runway collection

Fashion temporary tattoo from past runway collection.

But the temporary tattoo craze didn’t stop with Chanel. Rodarte, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Marchesa also used temporary tattoos to highlight their lines and showcase their designs on the runway. Rodarte accessorized with tribal temporary tattoos on exposed arms, legs, and torsos to add to the exoticism of the collection. Jean Paul Gaultier used floral temporary tattoos in the 2012 Spring/Summer collection, to create a gothic look to contrast black lace tops and leather skirts. Marchesa jumped on the tattoo train by highlighting tattoo stockings, though they’re not exactly temporary tattoos in the traditional sense, tattoo stockings were a huge success amongst department stores across the nation since they were the most accessible to everyday fashionistas.

Major designers like Chanel have now set the stage for temporary tattoos as a perfect accessory. In 2017, metallic temporary tattoos appeared in New York Fashion Week for a tech line of clothing. MIT’s ‘duoskin’ enables anyone to create customized functional tattoos providing three different types of on skin interfaces: sensing touch input, displaying output and wireless communication. Learn more about these runway tattoos, here.

Temporary tattoos are a great way to accessorize and in some cases, they double as stellar makeup options. Our latest addition, the flashy freckle face tattoo, works for all sorts of looks from preppy to boho-chic. It’s ideal for all kinds of placements from your cheekbones to your forearms. It’s subtle, trendy, and perfect for any look during any season.

Freckle face tattoos are the newest trend.

New Metallic Freckle Face Tattoo Design Option

Every season has its new beauty craze and this year thousands of people have opted to tattoo a series of cute, faint freckles onto their cheekbones and noses.

What many have tried to cover up in the past, has now gained immense popularity in the last year. Every season has its new beauty craze and this year thousands of people have opted to tattoo a series of cute, faint freckles onto their cheekbones and noses. “Freckling,” is not the first of many beauty related tattoo trends to have surfaced in the last five years, such as tattooed eyebrows or microblading. However, it is one of the more sought-after beauty looks given its semi-permanent nature.

After the initial tattooing, the faux freckles are bold and distinct, but given time these ink-blotted freckles fade into the desired, cutesy spots that beauty lovers crave. Instead of waiting for needled ink to fade, why not get the desired look with temporary flashy freckle face tattoos? You can click here to purchase these fabulous freckle face additions.

Other Fashion Tattoos

There are hundreds of options on our website for you to choose from to create the perfect look. Looking to add a touch of dainty flare? Try out this set of whimsical tattoos, including peacock feathers and delicate birds in flight. Or perhaps you’re a bit more rebellious in your fashion, maybe you enjoy wearing leather jackets and scaled ear cuffs? In that case, you could try out a cool Celtic knot tattoo and add it to any ensemble.

Brightly colored orange and pink armband temporary tattoo.

Orange and pink armband temporary tattoo available at

Are you just looking for something fun and colorful? Something that stands out amidst everything else in your closet? Well, we’ve got you covered there too. Try out a brightly colored floral armband and you’re guaranteed to stand out in a crowd, especially for music festival goers!

Trends always fall in and out of style in the world of high fashion, but in the end your style is the only thing that should matter. As the great Lynn Dell once said, “Fashion says me too and style says only me,” (Advanced Style). So, whether you want to embellish your existing look or you want to reinvent your look altogether, we can help you add a little special something this runway season.

Are you interested in joining the fun? Post a selfie of your fashionable ensemble paired with your temporary tattoo choice to our social media pages. Even if you’re not in New York this season you can still enjoy it in style!

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