Temporary Tattoos: An Easy Alternative To Face Painting

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Hey parents! We’ve got a tip for streamlining a favorite kids’ party activity: face painting. Here’s the scoop: instead of dealing with messy face paint at your little one’s next birthday party or backyard bash, try using quick, easy, fun, no-mess temporary tattoos. Why use temporary tattoos instead of face paint? Glad you asked.

Face Paint vs. Temporary Tattoos

Here are the benefits of using temporary tattoos instead of face paint:

Speed It Up

Temporary tattoos can be applied in a snap and dry faster than face paint. Just give it 30 seconds and you are ready to party!.

Little To No-Mess Fun

Temporary tattoos are less messy to apply than face paint. All you need is some water and a washcloth.

Won’t Smear

Unlike face paint, temporary tattoos won’t get onto clothing or smear when kids are jumping and playing in the bouncy castle.


Temporary tattoos are also water-resistant, so sweating, swimming, and water balloon tosses are all ok activities to enjoy while wearing them.

Easy To Remove

Unlike face painting, temporary tattoos are just as easy to remove from kids’ faces as they are to put on. There’s no mess, you simply apply rubbing alcohol, baby oil, or hand sanitizer to a cotton ball and rub the tattoo away.

They Look Awesome

With temporary tattoos, you won’t have to convince anyone that the splotch you painted on their child’s face is indeed a flower. Temporary tattoos are designed by professional artists so anyone can apply pro-looking artwork!

Wide Range Of Designs

With face paint, you get stuck drawing the same boring designs over and over again. Temporary tattoos come in a variety of designs, colors, and options. There are glitter tattoosletters and numbersbutterfliesbasketballs, any type of design a kid may want!

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How To Apply Face Tattoos

Instead of face paint, for your little one’s next birthday party, set up a temporary tattoo station and watch the kids (and adults!) line up. All you need are tattoos and a wet washcloth. When ordering temporary tattoos as an easy alternative to face painting, opt for tattoos under 2 inches by 2 inches in size so they will easily fit onto young party goers’ faces. Each tattoo can be applied in 30 seconds or less. And here’s how to apply temporary tattoos like a pro:

  1. Peel back the clear top sheet from the tattoo and place the tattoo (design side facing down) against the skin.
  2. Cover with a wet washcloth for 30 seconds, pressing down firmly on the entire paper backing.
  3. After 30 seconds, carefully peel back the backing paper from one corner. Let the area dry completely, and you’re done!

Your Best Source For Temporary Tattoos And More

At, we have a large variety of non-permanent designs for both adults and children. Browse our categories of fashionawareness, or popular temporary tattoos, and you’ll definitely find something of your liking. Want to style a unique tattoo no one else has? We can do that for you easily. Just send us your design, and we’ll create a custom tattoo that is just for you. And to learn more about temporary tattoos, you might also enjoy:

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