How To Style Temporary Tattoos For Adults

man and woman wearing temporary tattoos for adults

With summer almost here, it’s time for all you stylish peeps to show off your temporary tattoos! If you are looking for a bit of inspiration regarding the coolest temporary tattoos for adults, look no further. In this article, you’ll learn why temporary tattoos are such a hot trend in 2021, plus some great ways to style yours.

Surprised to hear us recommend temporary tattoos to people over the age of 18? Don’t be. In these times of rethinking our approach to fashion, gender, and social labels, temporary tattoos have become a top choice not only for the youth but for those forever young at heart. What’s more, people are now adamant to make long-term decisions that will affect the rest of their lives. Instead, many of us are going for what allows us to change as we wish. Enter temporary tattoos for adults!

These versatile, stylish, and safe items are easy to swap when accessorizing outfits, supporting causes, or getting ready for a festival -—to name just a few.

But, please, don’t take our word for it. Go have a look at the social media pages of some of the most followed trendsetters and style bloggers of the moment. You’ll see awesome tattoos popping out at every event and photoshoot and, in case you wonder, many of them are temporary!

How To Style Temporary Tattoos

If you want to make the most of using these to match your looks, and even help you become an IG influencer, you have to learn the art of tattoo fashion down to a T. Which is no small feat.

With so many options available when it comes to tattoo placement, design, and style, it definitely takes an in-the-know team of experts to get it right.

So, whether you’re a temporary tattoo novice or are just looking for some trendy additions to your Instagram profile, these suggestions will come in handy.

Without further ado, here’s why temporary tattoos are such a great idea for adults and how you can style yours!

Top Reasons For Adults To Get a Temporary Tattoo

Years ago, temporary tattoos used to only cover the funny designs kids love. However, the tables have turned, and artists and designers are currently embracing these for adults of all ages.

And if we haven’t convinced you yet, here are a few more reasons why you should get your order in right now.

  • Temporary tattoos are well...temporary. Our designs last approximately 3 days and are made for all those who ooze creativity, dread commitment, or feel a real tattoo won’t fit their lifestyle.
  • Temporary tattoos don’t hurt a bit. Do you fear needles, pain, infection, and anything in between? Forget about these! Our designs aren’t only completely painless, they are also skin-friendly and safe.
  • Wanna get the real deal and not sure how well it will fit with your clothes, jewelry, and lifestyle in general? Then a test run is exactly what you need to check out whether you love it or not.
  • Temporary tattoos are cheap. And that’s enough said!

5 Ways To Style Temporary Tattoos For Adults

1. Enhance Your Festival Look

Want to rock the next party and are lacking inspiration on what to wear? What better way to celebrate in style than by wearing a badass form of temporary body art.

woman with festival temporary tattoos

Other than being a stylish fashion accessory, temporary tattoos for adults can be worn as skin jewelry. You can now replace your necklace and bracelets with a beautiful metallic temporary ink design that will turn heads.

For a dash of bling and color, choose a glitter tattoo, or a boho design that will perfectly suit any type of beach party or festival, even Coachella or Burning Man!

2. As Party Decors

Getting ready to throw a party, and you want to make it memorable for everyone invited? You can use temporary tattoos to create a personalized setup that reflects the theme of the event. You can apply them to clear plastic party cups, champagne flutes, cocktail glasses, and pitchers. Use this metallic gold leaf armband tattoo, as seen below, to add a hint of class and tie everything together.

temporary tattoos used as decoration on plates

temporary tattoos used as decoration on glasses

Photo credit Botanopia

For some ol’ times glam, use these to seal your invitations — such a clever way to create a memorable detail! If you are feeling generous, go full circle and offer your guests a temporary tattoo as a souvenir to take home.

3. As An Alternative To Face Paint

temporary tattoo face costume

Face painting has always been a fun activity for both kids and adults, whether you are getting ready for a Halloween party, a concert, or a festival. So why not replace the messy, time-consuming (and often toxic for your skin) face painting with a glitter day of the dead face tattoo?

4. To Style a Fashion Event

model on runway wearing temporary tattoos for adults

 Fashion events present the best opportunity to flaunt gorgeous temporary tattoos for adults. And, while these body designs won’t last a lifetime, they’ll be for sure remembered! So if you want your fashion collection to turn heads, choose some of our temporary designs and let them make a fashion statement. Need some ideas? Check out these red roses temporary tattoos for a classic look, or this grim reaper tattoo for an edgier look.

5. To Impress a Date

couple wearing tattoos

In the era of fast dating, temporary tattoos for adults are a great way to make a grand first impression. Let your personality and style speak for you by wearing a piece of temporary body art. Create stylish and unique outfits that will definitely win you a second date.

Final Thoughts On Temporary Tattoos For Adults

As we said at the start of this article, temporary tattoos won’t only help you be and feel more stylish. They can become a way to express and enjoy yourself, regardless of the occasion.

The best part of the changes we are going through as a society is that people are daring to challenge and break free from the status quo more and more. Dare to inspire others and keep the fun going!

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