Creepin’ It Real This Halloween (Part 1): DIY Realistic Costumes For Kids

girl wearing princess fairy cute halloween costume

 As we head right on into Autumn, we abruptly pause to think “Wow, where has this year gone?”. Halloween is just around the corner, and with that, the need for costume inspirations...and Halloween temporary tattoos! For your easy and inexpensive DIY realistic Halloween costumes, look no further. We’ll make this Halloween a breeze for you with the following Halloween costume trends. No matter if you are going for creepy or cute, we have you covered!


realistic halloween costumes

Become a mermaid with our metallic mermaid temporary tattoo set

 A mermaid costume is a classic look that most kids love to wear! With inspiration from The Little Mermaid, kids want to be just like Ariel, especially when they can have Flounder or Sebastian by their side as a temporary tattoo. Mama. Papa. Bubba, a crafter’s blog, created an easy homemade mermaid costume, sure to stand out amongst the other kids!

This realistic Halloween costume is dedicated to the parents that are truly last minute with crafting. As mentioned in this blog, this costume was made the night before Halloween! Simple enough to make from scratch, it doesn’t even require a sewing machine.

Add some glam to your child’s costume by adding our metallic mermaid costume temporary tattoos.

This tattoo set includes shimmery scales and seashells that are meant for a true mermaid. Skip the face paint this year for an easy, mess-free, and safe costume that looks great.


Both girls and boys love to be zombies for Halloween! We’ve all seen the zombie Girl Scout trick-or-treating or even a “walker” from The Walking Dead.

For the ultimate zombie guide, DIY Projects has created a list of 18 different scary Halloween costumes for those that want to join the living dead (at least for a night).

Whether you want to take some old clothes and rub dirt on them, or if you want to go all out with makeup and create a terrifying look, this list has you covered. Put on our zombie costume face temporary tattoo to give you a realistic Halloween look without making a mess with makeup or face paint.

Add that extra touch to your kid’s already creepy zombie or walking dead costume by placing any of our wound temporary tattoos on their arms or neck.



Being a live or dead fairy — for that matter — for Halloween has its perks because there are so many different ways to make this costume unique to your kid’s personalities!

flowers temporary tattoo

 Add some pretty flower tattoos to your fairy costume!

To start, what’s a fairy costume without a tutu? Momdot created their own How to Make a Tutu tutorial that is so simple all you need is an elastic band, scissors, and lots of tulle for this no-sew skirt.

For a step-by-step on how to make this costume your own alongside this handmade tutu, Shannon Brown created her own guide for all families. Fairies are naturally beautiful in their own way, so add some color or flowers to your kid’s costumes to add some fun flair.

With this DIY guide to the trendiest and simplest homemade costumes, there is no excuse for you to not pull off a fun Halloween holiday, even if it’s last minute!

Happy Halloween! Remember to tag @temporary.tattoos in your finished costumes on social media!

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