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Festival Temporary Tattoos

If you are a fan of all-things-fun prepping for a festival, concert, or birthday bash, then you need a dash of glitter to shine! Our festival temporary tattoos will help you create an iconic party look, as they are specially designed to make you stand out from the crowd. This collection features glitter jewel tattoos and metallic boho designs in silver and gold. So whether you’re going to Coachella, EDC, or your bff’s beach party, our festival temporary tattoos are the easiest and gentlest way to change up your look in a flash.

Designs To Make You Shine & Sparkle 

Inspired by nomadic tribes and the best boho vibes, this collection of glitter and metallic temporary tattoos offers you a way to shine. Wear them nearly anywhere on your body, including your face (just not on your eyes or lips!). For a fascinating look, try them on your forehead or cheekbones.

Our items are for everyone, regardless of their age. From adults and teenagers to kids, Instagram influencers and celebrities, we have trendy temporary tattoo designs for all.

Level Up Your Look With Our Festival Temporary Tattoos 

Wondering why you should purchase our tats? There are quite a few good reasons we can think of!

Our temporary festival designs not only require less work, commitment, or thought compared to real-life tattoos, but they are also a delight to look at. 

Just check out this gorgeous metallic gold piece that you can style across your forehead, or our bohemian metallic gems that will rise your rave-game to the top! 

These gorgeous designs also make up for an ideal gift idea, so share them with your friends, kids and family.

Did we also mention that all our temporary tattoos are waterproof, sweatproof, and non-toxic? So go on and dance all night without worrying about your tattoo sweating off! 


Easy To Apply & Remove

Our festival temporary tattoos are not only incredibly easy to apply and style, but also to take off. 

To apply your tattoo simply clean and dry your skin, place it facing down on the desired body area, and hold a wet cloth against it for a few seconds. Peel the paper aside and there you have it, your gorgeous tattoo is ready! 

Our designs are meant to last up to 5 days. However, remember to keep oil-based lotions, sunscreens, body wash, and perfumes off them. Once you are ready to part ways, you can use our tattoo remover wipes to remove your body art with just a few gentle swipes.