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For those of you who wish to join the tattoo party without making a life-long commitment, we are proud to introduce you to our sparkling line of glitter temporary tattoos. A best seller amongst people of all ages, our glimmer body art is loved by both men, women and children.

Sure to catch the spotlight and grab attention, these glitter temporary tattoos are similar to our other designs, except with an added sparkly splash. Decorate your hands, face, arms, and body with these stunning designs! Elevate your look and shine your way into ultra-cool status.

Perfect for a birthday party, concert, or even a dashing Instagram photoshoot, wear your glitter tattoo of choice anywhere and everywhere. The only rule? To have fun! 

Why Choose A Glitter Tattoo

If you love how tattoos look on your skin but are not ready to wear one forever, our cool, glitter temporary tattoos are easy to apply and will last for up to 5 days. Not forever, but long enough to make a few good photos and impress everyone. Have we also mentioned that they are FDA approved and waterproof? 

At, we love people who like to stand out from the crowd, and we encourage you to do just that. Take center stage wherever you go with these glitter tattoos. Have fun experimenting where your tattoo should go until you get a look you love, and get ready to apply!

The coolest person at any party is the one wearing a glitter tattoo. But don’t take our word on that. Just pick a design you like the most and try its magic!

If you get these temporary glitter tattoos for your kids’ party, know that they'll make for a fantastic bonding activity. Little ones will be blown away by the variety of bright colors and all the glitters, while tweens will enjoy being the young stars of the day.

Create Your Own

Don’t see a glitter tattoo here that you like? No problem! Create your own custom temporary tattoo design, and even add a custom glitter effect!