Silver Temporary Tattoos

Make your choice from this festive collection of silver temporary tattoos that are guaranteed to turn you in the star of the night! Whether you are getting ready for a concert, festival, or New Year party, no outfit will be complete without some touch of glam. Choose to be different and replace all body jewelry with these fun, silver temporary designs.

Silver Temporary Tattoos To Compliment Your Outfit

A silver tattoo can never be too much bling. If you choose our metallic silver stars and fireworks tats, you’ll find that they are delicate enough to be placed on your shoulder blade or collar bone, and go perfect even with an elegant, strapless dress.  

Our silver temporary tattoos provide a beautiful contrast on tanned skin, and are delicate enough to go with any outfit and event. Think beach parties, weddings, festivals, name it!

Great for gifts, party favors, or fabulous party decorations that are mess-free, and easy to apply and remove.

Silver temporary tattoos are a trendy choice and can be easily styled by all ages. Wear them a piece of jewelry, an expression of your creativity, or as a fashion accessory for your skin. Pick the one you love from our selection of smaller and bigger tattoos, with geometric, tribal, or animal designs.

Temporary tats are a great choice for people who are not yet sold on the idea of getting a real tattoo, as you can change them whenever you want and match them to what you’re wearing or how you’re feeling! 

How To Look After Your Silver Temporary Tattoos 

These silver tattoos are temporary and have gorgeous results that last up to five days.  They can be applied in just a few seconds, and removed with ease by using our Temporary Tattoo Remover Wipes, or baby oil.

All our designs are waterproof and weather resistant so you won’t have to worry about them coming off in the shower, or pool, or getting transferred on clothes. 

For all of our temporary tattoos we use only FDA certified colorants, and all products exceed United States and European Union safety standards for cosmetic and toy products.