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Wear Your Rebel Spirit On Your Sleeve

Don’t let this category fool you! These armband temporary tattoos can be used on your arm, ankle, wrist, or even up your back (such as a zipper tattoo) – you be the fashionista! 

An armband temporary tattoo is a great addition to any outfit and so much less painful than the real thing. Instead of hours of tattooing for beautiful body art, try these fun and temporary armband tattoos as fashion accessories that take just seconds to apply. You can go for a sleek and simple design, or really amp up the creativity with intricate patterns or bold colors.

Add some sparkle with one of our glitter designs instead of using body glitter (that you’ll still be finding everywhere for days) and you’ll shine all night long!

The Possibilities For Armband Temporary Tattoos Are Endless

For those of you who love the dark side, a skull and crossbones armband tattoo is a classic choice. It's a bold statement that screams "I'm not afraid to show off my dark side."

On the other hand, if you're into something a little more whimsical, armband temporary tattoos with butterflies and flowers might be just the thing. 

So go ahead and embrace your inner rebel, whether that means metallic skulls, butterflies, or classic tribal designs.