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Zodiac Temporary Tattoos

Your zodiac sign expresses who you are to yourself and to the world. Our temporary tattoo designs feature all astrological signs, giving you a chance to display yours every day. So if you are into horoscopes, constellations, astrology, and believe that our lives and actions are influenced by the celestial heavens, go on and pick your zodiac tattoo!

What’s Your Zodiac Sign?

Created by humans in a quest for answers about the complex movements of the cosmos, the zodiac dates back to Ancient Egyptians. Today, zodiac symbols still fascinate us. Wearing them as tattoos is a popular and subtle way to express ourselves.

What's your sun sign? According to the Roman calendar, there are 12 zodiac signs. We have Aries, Capricorn, Virgo, Libra and everything in between. Chinese zodiac designs are also available, with all 12 animals ranging from Dragons to Roosters and beyond. 

Great for people of all ages, zodiac temporary tattoos can also be used by couples. Pick your and your partner’s zodiac symbol tattoos to express compatibility, or find the most picturesque artwork to complement your daily horoscope. 

Why Wear Zodiac Tattoos?

These are the stylish zodiac tattoos that everyone wants to wear, making their way into our ‘Popular’ category. 

Astrologers suggest each zodiac sign possesses specific traits that dictate a person’s path in life. If you feel that your zodiac sign is an accurate representation of who you are at the core, don’t hesitate to share this with others. 

When you wear a zodiac symbol on your skin, you are making a statement!

You are either reinforcing your astrological beliefs or showing your preference for certain art representations. Either way, our zodiac temporary tattoos won’t only help you express your personality. They’ll also turn you into a leader showing off the most desired looks around the block! By not wearing our zodiac sign tattoos you're missing out on being as sensational as the stars!