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By combining ancient tattooing patterns with the beauty of modern art, our tribal temporary tattoos help you feel native without the pain of getting the real thing! Find decorative pieces for your biceps, neck, arms, wrists, face, and more! We also offer plenty of armband designs you can combine to create decorative arm pieces. From our tribal discs to dragons, these tribal tattoos will be the perfect addition to your collection.

The Symbolism Behind Tribal Temporary Tattoos

So, if you are looking for a body design with deep and sacred cultural symbolism, check out our tribal temporary tattoos. For thousands of years, humans have expressed themselves through symbols and decorations. The meaning of tribal tattoos change from culture to culture and between designs, but they are fundamental tokens of protection, power, strength, and achievement. 

Why Choose Our Temporary Tribal Tattoos

Our tribal temporary tattoos allow you to honor the history of this art form, but also get an item with meaningful symbolic value. And since we know that choosing a tribal design is not an easy task, we created a wide range of motifs and designs for you to choose from.

From sharing heritage stories to being aesthetically appealing, ensure the temporary tattoo you are wearing truly expresses who you are. Pick a tribal tattoo that won't only make you stand out but also goes along with your style, outfit, and occasion. 

All of our tattoo products are super realistic and can last up to 5 days, depending on where they are applied and washed. To take care of your tribal temporary tattoo and help the effect last longer, avoid using soap, sunscreen, lotions, or oils on it.

When it’s time to part ways, simply soak your skin in baby oil, or use our Tattoo Gone™ Temporary Tattoo Remover Wipes. Apply a lotion to moisturize and soothe the skin area afterward, and pick the tattoo you’ll wear next!