Face Temporary Tattoos


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Temporary Face Tattoos

Ready to make a statement? For a cool style with nothing permanent to regret, add one of these temporary face tattoos and get the party started. Our face tattoo products are a great choice for both adults and kids who love to express themselves in unique ways. Wear them whenever and wherever you want, and be prepared to cause a strong impact.

Temporary Face Tattoos For Every Occasion

Choose these beauty items as make-up props for Halloween, a themed wedding, bachelorette parties, festivals, carnivals, or just to impress your friends without committing to a real tattoo. 

Printed with high-quality ink and color additives that are non-toxic, these temporary tattoo designs are FDA approved for cosmetic use. They are safe to use by everyone including babies, and applied anywhere on the skin. Yes, we call them face tattoos. But this doesn’t mean you cannot place them on other body areas like arms, chest, or legs. Your imagination is truly the limit!

Our temporary face tattoos take just 30 seconds to apply. All you need to do is place them on the skin with the design facing down, and dampen them with a paper towel. You can wear them for up to 5 days and when it’s time to part ways, you don’t need to worry about using any dangerous ingredients. Simply rub a little bit of baby oil or make-up remover and you’ll see the tattoo ink come right off, or use our tattoo remover wipes. Easy!

Fabulous Face Tattoo Designs

Our temporary face tattoos are ideal for all sorts of parties, rewards, or just because. Plus, they are a unique and fun way to express yourself, make an impression, and get eyes on you! 

Getting these temporary face tattoos for your kid’s themed party means you won’t need much more to get the fun going! Go ahead and help your little ones express their personality through image and color without worries. 

So whether you want to use face tattoos on special occasions or on a regular day for a little bit of extra specialness, order yours today. 

Do you have your own design? Head over to our custom temporary tattoos page to bring it to life!