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Application: How to Apply a Temporary Tattoo

tattoo application

Tattoo Application

Don't like reading? Try our video on temporary tattoo application, instead. Congrats on your cool new temporary tattoos! Here you’ll find the easiest and most effective tattoo application for your design and all our tips to make them last as long as possible:

What you’ll need

  • Cloth, a towel, or a sponge
  • A little bit of water
  • Scissors (depending on design)

Let’s Get Started


Use scissors to cut out your tattoo. If the design is NOT part of a sheet with multiple tattoos, this won't be necessary.

Step 1

Decide where you want to apply the tattoo. These aren’t permanent but we pride ourselves on the lifespan of our tattoos, so make sure you have it where you want it for up to 7 days. When you have a perfect position, peel the plastic cover off of your temporary tattoo.

Step 2

Place the paper on your body with the tattoo side on your skin. Apply pressure evenly. (Don’t worry if you don’t get it spot-on the first time. Even if the tattoo isn’t sticky anymore, the image will still transfer.)

Step 3

Get your cloth, towel or sponge wet and dab it on top of the tattoo paper, covering the entire tattoo. Be sure to completely saturate the paper because the water is what releases the tattoo from the paper. Hold this for 30-60 seconds to ensure the whole tattoo is transferred.

Step 4

Peel the paper off to get a look at your new body art!

Step 5

This step is our little secret. Before you go show off your new tat, dab off the excess water and rub just a tiny bit of lotion on it to add a little vibrancy and extend the lifespan of your tattoo! All done! At this point, the tattoo application is done and looking great. It will stay on for 5 - 7 days with normal wear-and-tear, and a few days if you’re out there rolling around in the mud!

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Mac Gaines

Mac Gaines

I have a design you created and i would like additional supply

Sheryl SC

Sheryl SC

This is perfect for those who don’t know how to do this yet. I’ve been into fake tattoos for like forever! Currently I’m into because of the many designs to choose from and the fact that they last too! Love them!

Mary Cutrara

Mary Cutrara

I always clean my skin with rubbing alcohol first and let it dry to make sure no oils get in the way of the wear of the tattoo. They always stay so nice that way. They don’t flake as much.

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