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Are You Up-to-Date With The Latest Faux Freckles Fashion Trend?

Have you ever wanted gorgeous freckles? Then freckle-up! The latest temporary faux freckles tattoo obsession has made its way into the US! For decades, women spent hours trying to cover up their precious freckles. Fortunately, fake freckles have recently made their way into fashion shows and beauty ads. A physical feature once considered negative, they have now become a mainstream vision of beauty! Freckles and beauty marks have been featured in so many recent beauty ads that people are getting semi-permanent products and temporary tattoo faux freckles to enhance their looks.

Who’s Wearing Temporary Freckle Tattoos?

flashy freckles silver temporary tattoo freckle

Faux freckles have rapidly become the latest fashion trend. 

Nowadays, influential celebrities in the entertainment industry like Demi Lovato, Emma Stone, and the Jenner sisters (Kendall and Kylie) embrace their freckles. And fans are following suit. Though for years many have turned to semi-permanent makeup to enhance their physical features, it seems that temporary freckle tattoos are the newest craze taking the fashion and beauty industries by storm.

If you don’t believe us, just keep an eye on Dior’s and other top fashion brands’ latest runway shows! Faux freckles temporary tattoos have provided everyone with the opportunity to showcase lovely freckles. And while realistic temporary freckle tattoos are in high demand, metallic, colorful temporary freckles are just as much of a hit. Check out the metallic temporary freckles that Jean Paul Gaultier used in his last runway show.

Incorporate Tattoo Freckles Into Your Everyday Makeup

Faux freckles have made their way into people’s everyday makeup routine. Allowing you to change your look as often as you wish, temporary tattoos take little to no time to apply and are completely mess-free. Want a natural look that pops and brings hundreds of likes to your Instagram photos? Then simply apply a realistic temporary freckle tattoo to your clean skin! It’s not recommended to apply foundation before putting on the freckles because the oils in it will make your skin slippery, and your freckles will slide.

Once you apply your freckles, add your everyday face makeup. Top off your look with an interesting accessory like a pair of frames or a cool set of earrings. For a more detailed tutorial on how to incorporate faux freckles into your everyday look with temporary tattoos, check out the following YouTube tutorial:

Metallic Faux Freckles For Your Artistic, Bold, Or Edgy Look

flashy freckles orange and gold stars temporary tattoo freckle

Metallic faux freckles have made their way to the runway.

Feeling bold? Want to make a fashion statement? Gold Stars Freckle Face temporary tattoos might be your best ally! Add colorful metallic temporary freckle tattoos to your next fantasy challenge or, as seen on Jean-Paul Gaultier’s runway, use them as part of your make-up design on your next fashion show! Not a makeup artist or designer? Who cares! Want a bold, trendsetting, and colorful look that will make people ask where you got your faux freckles from? Then try different temporary tattoo designs that complement your skin tone, hair shade, makeup, and outfit for the day. Our metallic temporary freckle tattoos come also as flashy starsrainbow starssnowflakes, and much more!

Where Can I Find Faux Freckles Beauty Marks?

Available in a variety of colors, shapes, and designs, has just released designs that are an absolute dream, including metallic temporary tattoos and a wide range of faux freckle styles! Worried about applying a temporary tattoo to your face? You shouldn’t! Our tattoos exceed all safety requirements in the US and Europe. Find out more about temporary tattoo safety.

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