The Ultimate Gangster Halloween Costume Tutorial With A Twist

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Hey, Halloween aficionados! Looking for that killer look to turn heads? Why not go all gangster this year? 

Picture walking into the room with a gangster costume so legit, even Al Capone would give you a nod of approval. Yes, Halloween is that one time of the year where you can be anything you want, so why not go big? With our high-quality temporary gangster tattoos, you don't just wear a costume—you become the character. 

Become the talk of the town, the life of the party, the boss of all bosses. This year, step up your Halloween game and make it a night to remember. Trust us, people will be talking about your gangster Halloween costume for years to come.

The Irresistible Allure Of The Gangster Costume

Now, what makes gangster costumes so riveting? Let's dive deeper. Imagine the glamor and danger that comes with being a tommy gun-wielding gangster from the prohibition era. You're not just donning a suit; you're embodying a piece of history, a slice of Americana that never goes out of style. The allure isn't just about looking good; it's about feeling invincible, like you run the world. 

Now, mix that with the digital age we're in, where every look, every outfit, and every style is captured for all to view. Gangster costumes have gone viral, setting social platforms ablaze with likes, shares, and endless scrolls. 

In a world full of basic outfits, be the mobster that everyone can't help but double-tap.

Who's The Boss? You Are!

Let's set the record straight; we've got an impressive range of costumes for everyone. This time, we're not only shining the spotlight on the gents but also on the ladies. Men and women alike, you're the bosses today. If you've ever wanted to exude the effortless cool of a mobster, step into the shoes of a fierce mob queen, or relish in the gritty world of the Peaky Blinders, now's your time.

Unleash the boss within and strut with confidence this Halloween. A gangster costume lets you channel all that charisma, grit, and audacity that make these characters eternally captivating. So grab that fedora, sling that tommy gun over your shoulder, or wrap yourself in a glamorous flapper dress, and let's make this Halloween a blockbuster.

Step 1: The Blueprint For Becoming The Don Of Halloween

Pause and listen, future kingpin. Before you start flexing in your gangster Halloween costume, you need the right props. Numero uno on that list? Our game-changing temporary gangster face tattoos. Think homage to Al Capone and symbols that scream organized crime.



Apply these tats and transform into the ultimate gangster. So authentic, folks will wonder if you've got ties to the underworld. "Is he the real deal?" they'll murmur. Spoiler: you're not, but you're about to own Halloween like a boss. Be quick, though—these tats are as elusive as prohibition-era liquor!

Other key pieces to grab for a 90s gangster look:

  • Baggy shirt
  • Baggy jeans
  • Bling around your neck
  • Hat and/or bandana
modern gangster look

Get your accessories on Amazon here.

Other key pieces to grab for a 1920’s look:

  • A pinstripe suit for that timeless gangster look
  • A tommy gun accessory, 'cause what's a gangster without his piece?
  • A fedora hat; the cherry on top of any gangster costume
  • A cigar prop to complete the boss vibe

1920s gangster costume

Get the full 1920’s costume here!

Step 2: Apply Those Gangster Tats

Now that you've rounded up your gear, it's time to go full Al Capone. Forget stick-and-peel; you're turning temporary tattoos into high art.

Ready to level up your gangster Halloween costume?

First, clean your area of choice. Make sure the skin is dry and devoid of lotions or makeup. Cut out your selected gangster tattoos and lay them face-down on your skin.

Next, take a wet cloth or sponge. Press it firmly against the tattoo's paper backing. Soak it well; this ensures a smooth transfer. Wait 30 seconds. Maybe hum the theme of "The Godfather" while you wait. Finally, peel the paper off gently. Boom! You're not just another guy in a mafia costume; you're a Halloween masterpiece that even organized crime bosses would respect.

fake knife scar

For an authentic touch, consider a teardrop tattoo near your eye. Or how about a fake knife scar on your cheek? Yeah, you're entering Italian mafia territory now.

Step 3: Enhance With Mobster Makeup

Time to hit the makeup. Start with your eyes. Give them a slightly menacing look with a dash of dark eyeshadow. Like you’ve been punched, bruised, or haven’t slept for a week cause you’re chasing revenge around town. Think Al Capone, meets The Godfather, meets Peaky Blinders. You got the idea; a fusion of classic and modern gangster styles.

And hey, don't forget about those eyebrows. If you really want to amp up the threatening mob boss vibe, you gotta pay attention to the brows. Brush some dark black eyeshadow over them to deepen the color. This will make them look more intense and give you an even more formidable appearance. Imagine people looking at you and instantly knowing you're the boss; that's the power of a strong brow game.

Step 4: Location, Location, Location

Hold on, we're not done yet. Real mobsters often sport tattoos on their arms or neck. So, why not add some temporary gangster tattoos there too? Choose something menacing but cool, maybe a daggeran anchor or a snake, and place it where it would be the most impactful. This small addition will elevate your whole look, taking it from "guy in a gangster costume" to "did that dude just walk off a movie set?" levels.

Step 5: Small Details Make the Perfect Gangster Costume

Your tattoos and makeup are all set. Now let's turn you into the boss of bosses.

First, if you're still missing that “je ne sais quoi”, consider adding that fedora hat. Make sure it sits just right, giving you an air of mystery and authority. 

Slip into your pinstripe suit and pair it with some sharp shoes. Don't forget your tommy gun; a mobster's best friend.

No mob boss leaves the house half-dressed. Add those finishing touches. A hat, a pocket square, and yes—a fake cigar. Maybe even add a pair of sleek shades if you're feeling it. Light up that prop cigar and give it a puff—nonchalantly, like a true boss.

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