Day of the Dead

Pink Skull Day of the Dead Temporary Tattoo

Get ready to fiesta with our Day of the Dead tattoos!

Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead translated in English, is a holiday celebrated throughout Mexico and Latin America to commemorate loved ones.

This special holiday is filled with family and laughter while honoring and remembering those who have passed away. While this holiday may sound spooky, it actually is a joyful celebration filled with food and music. Many dress up as a skeleton while combining this look with Mexican traditions, such as wearing a vibrant dress or with a mariachi uniform. Our large variety of Day of the Dead temporary tattoos make dressing up as a skeleton easy without having the hassle of make-up or making a mess with face paint.

Pink Skull Day of the Dead Temporary Tattoo

A common misconception about Day of the Dead is that this holiday is related to Halloween. While both holidays incorporate skeletons and skulls, the two are celebrated separately. Those who celebrate Day of the Dead believe that the spirits of our loved ones return to the world of the living for one day during the year. While this holiday is widely celebrated on November 2nd, it actually begins on October 31st. Babies and children who have passed are referred to as angelitos (“little angels”) and are thought to return to their families on Oct. 31st.

The following day, adults whom have passed return to this world, and thus ending the festivities on November 2nd. Be sure to include our Blue Jewel Skulls Temporary Tattoo for everyone to share, kids and adults alike!

Dressing Up Like Skeletons

Roses Day of the Dead Face Temporary Tattoo

Skip the make-up, our face temporary tattoos are more vibrant than ever!

It is a common tradition for those that celebrate Day of the Dead to decorate their faces like skeletons. Many people spend hours putting on make-up or use face paint to decorate their faces. Save the trouble and try our Day of the Dead: Roses Face Temporary Tattoo.

This face temporary tattoo gives you the professional look of make-up with vibrant colors, and you won’t have to worry about it coming off during the celebrations. This tradition of decorating your face as a skeleton began with the imagery that surrounds this holiday. Day of the Dead is playful in nature, and the La Calavera Catrina (“The Dapper Skeleton”) is incredibly popular.

This well-dressed skeleton creates inspiration for those that celebrate Day of the Dead. Show off your own dapper skeleton with our Pink Skull Temporary Tattoo.

Celebrate Day of the Dead in style with our temporary tattoos! We will help save you the time and the trouble of putting on face paint or make-up with these vibrant and intricate tattoos. If you love the idea of creating your own look, create your own customtattoo to honor your family name or family crest. We love to see how families celebrate, so be sure to tag us on social media @temporary.tattoos!

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