The Broken Doll Halloween Costume Tutorial

broken doll costume

Boo, tattoo enthusiasts! Halloween is creeping up on us, and you know what that means? Time to start crafting that epic look that will make you the "boo" of the ball. 

And while some people opt for typical witches and zombies, we're all about helping you elevate your Halloween game this year. How, you ask? With our killer temporary tattoos and a special Instagram filter that will get everyone double-tapping! Today, we’re breaking down how to create a mind-blowing Broken Doll Costume—because nothing says Halloween like cute but creepy, amirite? 

We’ve even got a step-by-step tutorial video and GIFs to show you how it’s done. Stick around to get the deets.

The Broken Doll Costume: Where It All Began

Ever wonder why the broken doll costume vibe is so addicting? Well, this trend didn't just crawl out of a Halloween cauldron overnight. Nope, it's got some serious street cred, stretching all the way from the hallways of Hollywood to the swipe-savvy feeds of social media.

Imagine this: The "broken doll" is like the pop-punk of the costume world. It's got this sweet combo of innocence gone rogue, and it's a mood we can't get enough of! Hollywood has been vibing with broken dolls forever, making them stars in everything from heart-pounding horrors to brain-twisting thrillers. Basically, these dolls are the real VIPs, stealing the show and keeping audiences at the edge of their seats.

So, fast-forward to the digital age, and what do we get? The broken doll Halloween costume is now the talk of the TikTok—no cap. 

Anyone Can Rock The Broken Doll Look! 

Let's get one thing straight—the broken doll costume look is for everyone, period. Kids, you're in. Adults, join the party. And hey, let's not forget our non-binary pals; you're not just invited, you're expected to show up and show OUT! We're talking size-inclusive, gender-neutral awesomeness.

Just roll up to our page, sort through the gallery like you're shopping for memes, and boom—you'll find a broken doll look that screams YOU. Peep those reviews if you're on the fence, but trust us, this Halloween costume has mass appeal. 

So guys, gals, and everyone fabulous in between, prepare to slay in your own unique broken doll Halloween costume. Here’s a step by step video tutorial on how to complete the look:

Step 1: Gather Your Epic Supplies

Okay, hold up, slow your scroll! Before you even think about morphing into the most fabulous broken doll costume Halloween has ever seen, you gotta make sure your arsenal is stocked and loaded. 

First on the list? Our jaw-droppingly cool Halloween temporary tattoos. To complete the broken doll look you’ll want to get your hands in the Broken Doll Face Temporary Tattoo and a few Tribal designs

Cracked doll face temporary tattoo


Trust us, these are not your run-of-the-mill, found-it-at-the-dollar-store tattoos. These intricate designs will make people do a double-take. "Is that a real tattoo?!" they'll gasp. Nah, it's just you slaying the game. Plus, the price is so good, you'll want to stock up. Hurry though; this collection gets sold out faster than you can say "boo!"

Other must-haves for the upcoming steps include:

  • Red eyeshadow and black kohl pencil for that eerie eye magic
  • The most dramatic false eyelashes you can find
  • A captivating shade of red lipstick that compliments yet contrasts your eyeshadow
  • Face paint or makeup for that ghostly white cheek effect
  • Hauntingly beautiful face gems
  • A white wig that screams both "angelic" and "haunting"

Step 2: Ink It Up

Now that you've summoned all your supplies, it's time to get those tattoos applied and let your skin tell a Halloween story of its own. This isn't your grandma's game of stick-and-peel. We're taking the temporary tattoo art to a whole new level of awesomeness. 

Ready for the next level?

First, clean your skin. Make sure it's dry and free from lotions or makeup. Trim your chosen tattoo designs and place them face-down on your skin.

Next, grab a wet cottonette. Press it firmly on the tattoo's paperback. Soak the paper well for a smooth transfer. Wait 30 seconds. Maybe hum your favorite Halloween tune while you do.

Finally, peel off the paper carefully. And there you have it! You're not just "inked up." You're a Halloween masterpiece on the move.

Step 3: Doll Up With Makeup

Go ham with red eyeshadow and black kohl pencil, creating a dreamy yet slightly eerie look that'll make people wonder if you're cute or if they should run away (spoiler: it's both), 

Next, level up those lashes. And when we say level up, we mean like skyscrapers high, people! Go in with the most exaggerated falsies you can find. Double-stack them if you've gotta! Flutter those lashes so hard they create a breeze every time you blink.

Step 4: Finalize Your Stunning Look

Eye makeup and lashes are on point. Now, let's complete the picture.

First, add a Tribal tattoo around your neck. These tattoos aren't ordinary. Their complex designs will elevate your broken doll vibe.

Next, go for bold red lipstick. Pick a shade that matches your eyeshadow but still pops. Aim for a look that's both beautiful and a bit eerie. Turn your cheeks a ghostly white with some makeup, and then adorn them with hauntingly shimmering face gems.

Finally, put on a white wig. It gives an otherworldly touch and blurs the line between cute and creepy. Style it to suit your overall vibe, whether that's wavy or a chic updo.

broken doll halloween costume final look

Accessorize To Mesmerize—The Devil's In The Details

You've inked up, you've got your face beat, but hold up—don't go Insta-snapping just yet! We're onto the pièce de résistance: accessories. Because let's be real, a broken doll costume without the extra frills is like a pumpkin spice latte without the whip—still fab, but not quite complete.

Frilly Dresses: Cute Meets Creep 

First, dive into that closet or hit up your fave store and snag a frilly dress that screams, "I'm a doll, but make it fashion...and also kinda creepy." Lace, ruffles, puffy sleeves—the whole nine yards. Your dress is the stage, and your tattoos and makeup are the stars. Shine, baby, shine! 

Bows: Head to Toe 

Don't even think about skimping on bows. We’re talking bows in your hair, bows on your dress, maybe even a bowtie if you're feeling dapper. Bows are like the cherries on top of your broken doll look. Oh, and think sizes, from tiny cute bows to "oh wow, that's a statement" bows.

Ribbons: Wrap it Up 

Okay, so you’ve got your dress and your bows, but you’re still feeling like something’s missing? Enter ribbons! Use them as belts, wrap them around your wrists or use them as chokers. The idea is to be as adorable as possible while also channeling that sinister "I might be haunted" vibe.

Extra Props for Extra Wow 

If you really want to be the talk of the ghost town, go for some unexpected add-ons. Think babydoll shoes, lacy gloves, or even a creepy vintage doll to carry around. Get creative; your accessory game should be as extra as your personality.

Want To Try It Out First? Use Our Instagram Filter!

Try out the broken doll costume look right now with our exclusive Instagram filter! 

Woman with a broken doll look


You'll totally dig the vibes; it’s the sprinkle of Halloween magic you never knew you needed!

How To Use The Instagram Filter

  • Save the filter from the above link
  • Open Instagram and go to the camera option
  • Scroll through the filters and find Temporary Tattoos’ exclusive filter
  • Apply the filter and snap away! It syncs perfectly with your temporary tattoos and makeup for a spine-chilling effect

Shop The Halloween Collection Now

Dive into our spook-tacular Halloween collection to get that bone-chilling aesthetic just right. Feel like adding your personal flair to the broken doll costume? Or maybe create something entirely original? Go ahead and unleash your creativity with custom designs tailored just for you. 

But don't stop there! We've got a wide range of other killer collections that cater to all sorts of vibes—animals for the nature lovers, awareness themes for the socially conscious, culture-centric designs for those embracing their roots, and festival collections to keep the party going all year round.

Ah, and one more thing! Share your final looks with us on Instagram using #TemporaryTattoosHalloween and who knows, you might just get featured on our page! Happy Haunting!

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