65 Temporary Tattoo Costume Ideas

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Are you looking for some Halloween costume inspiration? Temporary tattoos are the ultimate Halloween accessory. They are inexpensive, easy to apply, and eye-catching. You can design an entire costume around fake tattoos. Dress up as sassy waitress, don a zombie hipster costume, or transform yourself into a piece of pop-art all with temporary tattoos! Here’s a link round-up featuring more than 100 ways to use temporary tattoos to create your Halloween costume:

Give me candy tattoos

21 Temporary Tattoos You Can Wear As A Halloween Costume

Looking for a costume idea that’s a little glamorous and unexpected this Halloween? This blog post has you covered with chic and unique tattoos and Halloween tips, such as using temporary eye tattoos to create a gorgeous cat-eye look.

10 Flash Tattoo Costumes for Your Inner Glamazon

Flash tattoos are the super-trendy metallic silver and gold tattoos that celebs like Beyonce have been spotted wearing. This post features 10 ideas for taking this fashion trend and turning it into a cool costume such as a decked out Greek goddess or a shimmering mermaid.

18 Temporary Tattoos Perfect for Halloween

Whether you're dressing up as a broken doll or 1980s-era Bret Michaels, this Buzzfeed post highlights 18 temporary tattoos that will complete your look. Horror fans and gore lovers will enjoy the bloody gashes and eye zipper tats.

Vamp It Up As A 1960s Tattooed Pinup

Want a haute (pun intended) costume idea? This blog will show you how to become a sexy, tattooed 60s pinup babe complete with teased hair, Bardot-style eyeliner, faux-fur stole, and gingham checked romper. This badass 60s pinup requires a serious amount of ink, so stock up on the retro and classic temporary tattoos. The only advice we’d add to this awesome post is to use hand sanitizer or baby oil and a cotton ball to quickly and easily remove your fake ink.

6 DIY Halloween Costumes Using Temporary Tattoos

What happens when you put an eyeball temporary tattoo on your forehead? You become a cyclops of course! Check out this post for five more creative temporary tattoo costume ideas.

Perpetuate Stereotypes Dressed As A Hillbilly

Want to offend people this Halloween? Then dress up as a stereotypical hillbilly with this accessory pack of hillbilly tattoos, including barbed-wire, a duck (because you know hillbillies love hunting), some cammo, and even a sweet mustache that you can wear on your face to complete the look.

Become The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Channel Lisbeth Salander this Halloween with this DIY “The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo” costume guide. Much of this costume can be cobbled together from items in your closet at home. But of course, you’ll need a dragon tattoo, and Tainted Tats has you covered.

Aging Hipster or Hipster Zombie? You Decide

Are hipsters even a thing anymore? If you still enjoy the wonderful pastime of poking fun at hipsters, then dress up in a hipster-themed costume. First get your skinny jeans, flannel, glasses, and beanie ready. Then tat yourself up with ironic tattoos like this vintage mom tattoo and the coolest font or graphic design-themed tattoos you can find. Then you’ve got a tough choice ahead of you. Would you like to become a Hipster Zombie or a Geriatric Hipster? To be an aging hipster throw in a cane, walker, and some baby powder or a gray wig. Draw some wrinkles on your face. To be a zombie hipster, add a “I heart brains tattoo” from Tainted Tats to complete your look.

Glittery, Girly, Easy Face Tattoos

Don’t stress out. Don’t mess with face paint or makeup. Get your hands on some sultry glitter face tattoos that make dressing up easy. Choose from cheetah, witch, kitty, or vampire looks and work it this Halloween.

Gross Out Your Friends with Halloween Horror Temporary Tattoos

If you are into freaking people out with gross costumes on Halloween, then this Pinterest board full of bloody, creepy, disgusting temporary tattoos is for you. There’s even a sharkbite temporary tattoo for folks planning to dress up as Sharknado victims. Kudos to the person whose costume combines the insect tattoos with the open wound tattoos. Nasty. What will you be this Halloween? Got anymore easy DIY Halloween costumes that use temporary tattoos? Share your ideas in the comments below. We’d love to add your link or idea to the list! Image from Etsy.com

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