Using Temporary Tattoos To Stimulate Creativity For Kids

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If you are a parent, then you know that keeping kids entertained without too much screen time can be difficult. The multitude of work and home commitments of everyday life can leave the little ones feeling bored, stuck at home, or simply unengaged. To help you rise to the challenge, we’ve compiled the best ideas to stimulate creativity for kids using temporary tattoos, so you can entertain your kids in a constructive way.

Why Creativity For Kids Should Be Constantly Stimulated

Kids are very curious by nature. They love to be constantly presented with ideas that will allow them to discover how the world around them works or that will help them learn new things.

When it comes to stimulating creativity for kids, there are hundreds of ways you can do this. And as studies show, children start to develop creativity and imagination during the early childhood stages, peaking around the age of 6.

With most of the learning in a toddler’s life happening while playing, creative activities present the opportunity to teach them essential skills that will be helpful all throughout their lives.

Use these occasions to spend quality time with your child, but also to relax and detach from the stress most of us deal with.

In the end, you don’t need to be a kid to enjoy playing. Creativity can be stimulated at any age. Don't think that just because you are an adult you can’t participate! You can indeed learn new things and play like you once did.

Creativity germinates and grows when you are playing around, connecting with yourself and, in this case, with your kid. So, if you are trying to think of activities that stimulate creativity for kids, these are generally the ones teaching them something new, engaging their senses, and challenging their brains.

Before learning how to use temporary tattoos in fun and creative ways, let’s have a quick look at some other activities that can help support your child’s growth.

Creative Activities You Can Do With Your Child

Creativity for kids includes all forms of art, crafting or learning that involve imagination and communication. These activities help children develop cognition, social skills, language ability, and problem-solving.

Most creative activities are an expression of the child’s inner feelings or thoughts that were waiting for the best moment to be expressed.

Society games like Monopoly, educational art like painting and learning music, as well as craft classes like cooking, puppet-making, or even repairing things around the house are all great ways to keep a kid engaged and away from the TV. Besides the fun they have when engaged in them, these activities that stimulate creativity for kids will also help you create a safe and inventive environment. 

little girl with temporary tattoos on her arms

How To Use Temporary Tattoos When Stimulating Creativity For Kids

Using temporary tattoos to stimulate creativity for kids offers endless possibilities!

You Can Apply Them Almost Anywhere

All our temporary tattoos are FDA approved and safe even for the most sensitive skin. Kids can wear our designs anywhere on their arms, legs, or even their bellies, with the exception of eyes and mouth.

When it’s time to swap designs, you can help remove them easily with our Tattoo Gone Temporary Tattoo Removal Wipes or baby oil.

Use Fantasy And Nature-Themed Temporary Tattoos

Does your child believe in unicorns or fairies? Or maybe has a love for nature and is fascinated by animals and plants?

Applying fantasy and nature-themed tattoo designs can be lots of fun whether your child is playing alone or having some tat-loving friends over!

DIY Crafts At Home

Have you tried doing any DIY crafts at home? If not, you can start by creating unique greeting cards for birthdays and holidays. It’s super simple!

Ask your child to draw their favorite designs, or help them write unique greetings, and then stick one of our holidays & events temporary tattoos on the envelope.

kids using temporary tattoos for diy crafts

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Whether it is Mother’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, or Hanukkah, at, you’ll find products to complete all holiday projects. During these creative sessions, your child will learn how to hold a pencil, fill designs with colors, use scissors, and apply a temporary tattoo. All these will help your child to develop fine motor skills such as great hand and eye communication.

If you want to get even more creative, you can also use craft kits for more artistic results. These kits include all kinds of items that will help you teach your child different activities.

Fashion And Style Activities

Among the activities helping stimulate creativity for kids, there’s painting, cutting, claying, or crafting fabrics. And, since many kids have a strong fashion opinion from a young age, you can teach them how to accessorize their favorite outfits by applying temporary tattoos on.

Build Activity Sheets

Another fun project involves using temporary tattoos to create or complement an activity sheet. Let your little one pick their favorite cartoon characters and stick them to it!

They can join the dots, connect with arrows, draw around, you name it. We have some of the most popular figures out there, such as Hulk,JoJo Siwa, Paw Patrol, or My Little Pony.

Creative Sport Activities

Stimulating creativity for kids isn’t only about art. You can also encourage them to get involved in sports. So, if you have a little one with a sporting event coming and want to make this a day to remember, help them stand out by accessorizing their gear with fun sport tattoos.

Tattoos aren’t only a way for kids to express their preference for a particular sport, but also a great way to show loyalty toward their favorite team.

Here are some examples of temporary sport tattoos your kid can wear during the game day: a football helmet, a baseball heart, or even an “I Heart Soccer” for all little soccer lovers.

Help Them Style Their School Bags And Favorite Accessories

Kids love to accessorize their school bags, bento boxes, and any other objects they use often. They’ll be enchanted by the idea of sticking temporary tattoos not only on their backpacks but also to water bottles, toys, or bikes.

For a multitude of creative designs and everyday wear, our tiny tats collections will work like a charm to stimulate creativity for kids.

Get Ready For Halloween

Trick or treating in sight? Kids love Halloween and the pumpkin season! So, what better way to get them into a celebratory mood than by helping them prepare their costumes?

Whether your kid loves glitter tattoosspooky designs, face masks, or superheroes, there are plenty of fun designs to choose from for Halloween or any other party.

Final Thoughts About Creativity For Kids

Stimulating creativity for kids and teaching them new, entertaining activities can be part of all everyday life.

Use our temporary tattoos as cool and affordable accessories to support any activity you do with your child. You’ll be surprised by how great these will prove in helping them become more confident, expressive, and proud of their achievements.

Not only awesome for stimulating creativity for kids, using temporary tattoos can help them deal with stress at school, anxiety, and just to break out of their shell if they find it difficult to express themselves.

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