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Back to School Fundraisers

Back to School

Fundraising for Back To School

Back to school?! But we just started enjoying summer! Although the warm summer adventures are in full swing, the school year is right around the corner. So if you are a parent involved in school activities of any kind, it’s time to start planning for cool new ways to raise money for your cause! Soon enough, the collective groan will begin echoing from students around the country when the end of summer is near.

Back to School

Use temporary tattoos for your next school event or fundraiser!

Until then... you've got your work cut out for you! No matter what department you're helping out in, one item that's high on many school clubs and sports teams' agendas: fundraising. If your group is looking for a unique new fundraiser this fall,it might be time to consider temporary tattoos.

Tired of the chocolate bar and gift wrap sales? Temporary tattoos have all the elements of a great fundraiser item:

Tattoos are affordable to buy in bulk (our paw print in-stock tattoos are just 17 cents a piece when you buy at least 1,000 - that's about $170 for 1,000 tattoos!).

The margins make sense. Let's say your football team buys 1,000 of those paw-print tattoos for about $170 and sells them for $1 each at Friday night football games, pep rallies, and student events. If you sold all 1,000, you'd make a profit of more than $800!)

Kids love temporary tattoos.We're the world's temporary tattoo experts, and if there's one thing we're sure about, it's that kids can't get enough temporary tattoos. (No, really. They can't get enough. Don't believe us? We print 7 million tattoosa day.) Temporary tattoos are the fundraiser that you can count on as a huge hit.

Take a look at the thousands of in-stock designs available on our website, from paw-prints to mascots and sports designs. Or, create your own custom temporary tattoo! We can create a tattoo of your school name, the team logo, or slogan.

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