8 Easy Ways To Go Green - Raise Awareness With Earth Day Tattoos!

Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! Once a year, on this special day, we all take the time to appreciate our planet. If you’re keen on historical facts, you should know that Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970 — that was 46 years ago! Ok, but what’s the connection between Earth Day and temporary tattoos, you might wonder?

Together with the other ways we’ll discuss below, temporary tattoos are just another means to help others go green while also celebrating the Earth on her special day.

When it comes to the environmental changes we should all embark on, there are many ways to help our mother nature. You can show your support by planting trees, cleaning beaches, walking to work instead of driving, saving water, or by taking a few minutes to research ways to be more eco-friendly and reduce your carbon footprint.

Even wearing temporary tattoos with Earth Day themes can be a thoughtful way to educate others on the importance of going green and a means to show your respect for this planet we all call home.

And if you want to celebrate with your friends and the other individuals who, just like you, wish to protect the environment, check out for information on events going on near you!

8 Easy And Cheap Ways To Go Green

Here are a few cheap and easy changes you can make to go green and help save our planet every day!

1. Turn Your Computer Off

Make sure to turn your computer off all the way after you use it. If you put it into sleep mode, it’s still sucking up energy.

2. Use Rechargeable Batteries

Plus, learn how to dispose of old batteries properly.

3. Exchange Disposable For Reusable

From lunch boxes to eating utensils, grocery bags, water bottles, food containers. Reuse ALL you can think of.

4. Go Paperless

Opt into paperless billing to avoid wasting paper. If you are planning to send invitations out, consider using recycled paper or send them in digital format.

5. Keep Your Freezer Full

Did you know freezers run more efficiently full than empty? Nope? Well, now you do!

6. Choose Your Landscaping Wisely

When landscaping your yard, choose plants that require small amounts of water to conserve

7. Reduce The Use Of Your Vehicle

Try to find ways to carpool to work and school. Whenever possible, take your bike out!

8. Learn About Recycling In Your Area

Find out information about how to properly sort out your rubbish in your city.

Our Favorite Earth Day Temporary Tattoos

Make Earth Day every day! Our temporary tattoos are not only great to raise awareness about the importance of recycling and being Earth-friendly! They are also safe and fun for you to wear anywhere on your body, as they are printed with vegetable-based inks and made here in the USA. To help you decide on the best designs for you and the little ones, check out some of our top Earth Day tattoo ideas;

Be a Recycling Hero

Put your cape on and help preserve our amazing planet. Inspire others and spread the message! For more recycling-related tats, check out these classic recycling arrows and this lovely heart-shaped Earth

earth day superhero tattoo

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Kids love their cute furry friends! Go beyond recycling and show the little ones how to reduce waste and reuse different materials with these super-cute raccoonrabbit, and squirrel tattoos.

support recycling temporary tattoo

Go Green And Save Our Forests

Our ‘Go Green’ designs are perfect for teens and adults looking to take a stance and care for our planet, its forests, people, and animal kingdom. 

go green earth day temporary tattoo

World Peace Temporary Tattoo

World peace is what we all want! To see our kids grow in a nurturing world filled with opportunities for everyone. Support this cause, raise awareness, and teach your kids the values we all can stand by.

support world peace temporary tattoo design

Protect Our Oceans

Caring for our environment presents many different aspects! Looking after our oceans and the amazing creatures living in them is just one of them. This turtle-inspired Earth Day tattoo is here to remind us about that.

turtle earth day tattoo design

Share any ideas you have for conservation and going green in the comments below! Got something out of this world planned for Earth Day this year? Share that in the comments too! Found our article about Earth Day tattoos and ways to go green interesting?

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