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Tattoo Party Ideas For Kids & Teens

tattoo party ideas for kids and teens

Throwing a party for your kid or teen and in search of some creative ideas to make it fabulous? We’ve got you covered! Here’s how to host a memorable tattoo party everyone will rave about.

There is an old Seinfeld saying about how easy it is to make friends when you are a kid based simply on whether you both like cranberry juice or not. And while this is true, and children’s ability to socialize is a natural given, creating a fun, safe environment for this to take place may sometimes be the parent’s responsibility.

Organizing a party, either for a birthday or a holiday, will allow kids and teens from the community to socialize, establish stronger connections, and bond over mutual interests. It will also boost their imagination and explore their reactions to new and engaging social situations.

Selecting a theme that all participants are familiar with for your party will only make things better. The theme can be present in the decorations, costumes, games, food tableware, and a wide selection of temporary tattoos.

So Appealing For The Kids

When you host a party, tattoos are tons of fun because kids love showing off their looks, while the tattoos will stick with them for a few more days. Moreover, temporary tattoos carry a sense of identity that enables the young imagination.

It is also a great way for shyer kids to break out of their shells and feel more confident in their skins. This will give them a perfect opportunity to strike a conversation, share their favorite motifs, and socialize with their peers. Or perhaps they are teens playing a game that requires teams. A custom temporary tattoo with the team logo will create a stronger sense of bonding between the players.

A word of caution before we move forward! If you will be hosting a themed party using temporary tats, try to confirm with your guests' parents if it's okay to send them back home with one of these — especially little kids!

Types Of Tattoos

Once you’ve picked out the party theme, and before you buy the tattoos, here’s a quick word about the different types of temp tattoos. You basically have three types that are common for children: stickers, airbrush, and henna. The difference mainly consists in the application process and how long they last.

Sticker Tattoos

Sticker tattoos are the most common and easy to use. You just press the design onto the skin, and it sticks. Lasts between one and five days.

Airbrush tattoos

Equally safe but a little more expensive to apply.

Henna Tattoos

The main advantage is they’ll last longer (up to two or three weeks).

Glow In The Dark Parties

Glow in the dark parties and accessories have been around for some time now. But did you know that glow in the dark temporary tattoos exist?

Using fluorescent ink, the “charged” tattoos maintain a glowing effect for about a minute after the lights are turned off. They are perfectly safe to use and will mesmerize the kids.

Party Theme Ideas

When it comes to the theme, you should take a moment to stretch out your antennas and find out what the kids are into these days.

Is it a classic like Dragon Ball or Sailor Moon? Or something fresh like The Lego Movie or Frozen? Perhaps it’s not a movie they are currently obsessing over but rather a universe — think outer space, pirate ships, Marvel, and magical creatures.

You can go online and order a whole bunch of fun tattoos to match any party themes: snowflakes, goblins, anchors, characters from their favorite show. They all come in a wide variety of sizes and colors, so get a nice mix to suit all preferences.

Check out these fun ideas we've selected to help you sharpen your party planning skills!

Rockstar Concert

Kids and rock stars have a lot in common. They are loud, energetic, and love to be the center of attention. Being a rockstar for a night, covering your arms (and face!) with tattoos, and roleplaying as bad is every kid's and teen's dream.

To get the rocking party going, pick some rad sleeve designsTrad-style roses are a fave, just as the grim reaper and dragon-inspired designs. Once everyone is ready, sing along to some tunes on a karaoke session, or let them create and present their own hits! 

rockstar sleeve temporary party tattoo

Pirate Cove

Everybody loves pirates. The adventure, the mystery, the booty! If there is ONE thing that has triggered the imagination of kids since forever, this is it. If you want to take it up a notch, create a treasure hunt or play capture the flag and use temporary tats for costumes, clues, or as the prize! Anchors, a pirate octopusstitched scars, and pirate skulls are just some options. Ready, set, go outlaws! 

pirate tattoo party

Outer Space

Aliens! UFOs, martians, laser guns, comets, rockets. If you have an outer space adventure set up, you need some space-themed stickers and tattoos prepared. Whether you choose a NASA space shuttle design, some colorful planets, or moon phases, just make sure all your party guests get their cosmic tat-fix! 

outer space tattoo party

Team Games

This one is a teen favorite. Tug of war. Quiz night. Dancing contests. Name that tune. All these games work great in teams, and a tattoo to go along will make them even more engaging. They can also be used as an incentive — only the winning team gets the award-winning one!

Henna Tattoos

This will be super popular with the teens since it requires a bit of skill and probably a few Instagram accounts to parade the finished work.

Henna tattoos usually present intricate flower decorations and are inspired by traditional tattoos, such as those found in Northern Africa or Mexico. Tho, of course, everyone is free to use their own imagination! Since these designs usually last longer, make sure you are comfortable with the design and the artist's skill.

Keep in mind that while henna tattoos are fun and look pretty, serious allergic reactions can occur. Advice your teen to conduct a small skin test first before getting the tattoo. Or better yet, if you want to be totally safe, pick some henna temporary tattoos made with FDA-approved inks and avoid the risk of traditional henna.

Removing The Tattoo

Once the tattoo starts to peel or fade, it means it needs to come off. This can be done easily with baby wipes, baby oil, make-up remover, or remover wipes. Rubbing alcohol on the skin also works. But, if there are tiny cuts around the area, it might sting.

Why Get a Temporary Tattoo In The First Place?

  • The tat will fit the party theme
  • It works as a great ice breaker and will help your child socialize
  • It helps your child express himself and share something about themselves
  • It allows your child to express their imagination
  • It is a cost-effective way to enhance the party environment
  • They are completely safe
  • They are fun!

Allowing your child to explore different sides of their personality and present them creatively is a key part of the parenting process. Temporary tattoos are just another fun way to do it.

If you are in search of some more inspiration for your kid’s next themed party, at Temporary, we have a wide variety of temporary designs to suit all ages, tastes, and personalities.

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