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application instructions

To get the best experience from your INKFINITY™ long lasting tattoo, please read all instructions before applying.


1. Clean. Prepare your skin by washing, exfoliating, and removing any hair. Allow your skin to fully dry.

Pro Tip: Clean skin prep means enhanced results.

2. Place. Peel off the clear protective film and place the tattoo on your skin, sticky side down. Cover the tattoo backing with a damp cloth, applying firm and equal pressure for at least 60 seconds.

Pro Tip: Apply only to areas below the neck. Do not apply to the face, bendy areas (wrist, elbow, knee), sensitive skin or if you are allergic to adhesive.

3. Peel. Gently peel away the backing from the skin.

Pro Tip: Do not slide the backing across your skin.

4. Apply. Apply the Boost Patch to cover your tattoo and leave it on for no more than 1 hour.

Pro Tip: Leaving the Boost Patch on longer than 1 hour may cause the ink to bleed and create unwanted shadowing effects. Make sure your skin is fully dry again before applying the patch.

5. Aftercare. Avoid contact or friction with clothing or other body parts, either showering or moisturizing for the next 8 hours.

Pro Tip: Taking these precautions will help avoid ink transfer to other parts of your body.

6.Enjoy. Your tattoo will appear clear-to-faint immediately after application. You will see it fully develop over the next 24-36 hours. Individual results may vary.


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Like us? Leave us a review. We are continuously striving to improve ourselves and to serve you better. View all reviews.


Like us? Leave us a review. We are continuously striving to improve ourselves and to serve you better. View all reviews.


Courtney S.


I can't get enough of these tattoos! As someone who is indecisive but LOVES ink, this is the perfect way to express my style without having to commit to a permanent tattoo. The way the ink reacts to the skin makes it look just like my real tattoos without the pain, healing, or expense.

Cyrena B.


I loved INKFINITY! As someone who cannot decide on getting a permanent tattoo, I loved the idea of a semi-permanent tattoo. These tattoos were easy to apply like most temporary tattoos, it wasn't too aggressive my sensitive skin, and after 24 hours the final results looked just like real tattoos. Both my sisters were fascinated in these tattoos, even though they have their own collection of permanent tattoos. This product is definitely a winner for people who cannot commit to a permanent tattoo. I recommend this product 100%.

Tommy G.


I was quite surprised on the appearance of looking like a real tattoo! The color was so realistic and lasted much longer than I thought. Impressed my family and friends, I felt like I was in the "In Crowd", so to speak. LOL


Curious about the duration, safety, and customization options? Explore the answers to these and more in our Frequently Asked Questions section to make your semi-permanent temporary tattoo experience both informed and enjoyable.

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