Custom Tattoo Content Guidelines

At we know that tattoos are used for self-expression. And we want to empower you to express yourself. We also understand that tattoo art is subjective. Certain designs, terms or concepts, while sensitive for some, can often be a source of empowerment and expression for others.

Any designs we receive are reviewed by our team to ensure they follow our community guidelines. Sometimes this means we won’t be able to create your desired design. If this is the case, our team will always reach out to you and explain why and how we can help.

Our Guiding Principles

Our key considerations when reviewing a design:

  • How can a specific design, without context, be interpreted by others?
  • What’s the intended context or use of the design?
  • Does a design exhibit any characteristics outlined in the multiple categories below?
  • Would we ever include it as part of our website?

Our Content Guidelines

We offer these guidelines to give you a sense of how we evaluate submitted designs:

  • Mature Language. We are able to produce tattoos that include swearing and adult language, for the most part. However, if a design is specifically directed at someone in a malicious or dehumanizing manner, we will ask you to revise the language.
  • Racism. We do not accept any design that is, by nature, racist. In cases where hate groups have appropriated commonly known non-hateful icons, our team tends to error on the side of caution and will generally not proceed.
  • Violence or Threats. We do not accept any designs that promote or glorify violence or suggest a threat against another person or group.
  • Sexual Content. Explicit or graphic pornographic images should not be used for custom tattoos, including any images featuring nudity. We will certainly and automatically decline any designs featuring minors or depict any form of non-consent.
  • LGBTQQIP2SAA. We do not accept any design that is homophobic or hateful against anyone in the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Sexism and Misogyny. If we determine that the phrasing or grammar of a tattoo can be considered sexually derogatory, we will not create it.
  • Public Figures and Groups. We do not accept any design that references, or features images related to, public figures and groups that promotes hate, racism, violence, sexism, misogyny, or homophobia.
  • Drug Use. We do accept designs featuring alcohol, marijuana, and pharmaceuticals, but will not accept designs featuring illicit drugs or depict the use of illicit drugs.
  • Current Events. We typically accept designs that reference current events and popular culture; however, we will not accept designs deemed to be in poor taste or make light of tragedy or cultural issues.

When creating your custom tattoo, we'll use our discretion to determine if your design exhibits any of these characteristics. If we are unable to ascertain its meaning or intent, we may reach out to you for further context or information.

If we believe your design does not follow any of these guidelines, or if there are additional considerations outside of our guidelines, our team will reach out with either suggested edits or possibly a cancellation of your order.

If you are uncertain if your design meets our guidelines, we are happy to discuss them in more detail. Simply reach out to our team at