Fallin’ For Autumn Fashion Trends & Temporary Tattoos

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It’s almost time to pull out your cashmere scarves and leather gloves! Autumn is just on the horizon, and we are loving it. After watching this year’s Fashion Week, we have designed some of the hottest trends for your temporary tattoo needs this Fall. Fashion accessories ranging from metallic tattoos to gorgeous bold bracelets, we have all of your newest obsessions ready to get the season going!

Metallic Crest Leaves

fall tattoos around the neck

Our Metallic Crest Leaves is the perfect statement necklace! Celebrities are in love with metallic temporary tattoos, so why stop after just one season? Our new metallic crest leaves are meant to be a fashion accessory that stands out this Fall!

Wear this autumn tattoo around your neck for that bold statement piece or take half of the tattoo and wrap it around your wrist for a fall-favorite bracelet. During ancient Greek and Roman times, laurel leaves were symbols of victory, so show the world how victorious you are as you look like royalty!

Maple Leaves Sleeve Fall Tattoo Design

Autumn Leaves Tattoo Sleeve

These changing maple leaves are sure to give you the Autumn feels![/caption]

Our new maple leaves sleeve temporary tattoo is a literal representation of the kind of feels Fall is supposed to give you! With vibrant hues of red and orange, this sleeve showcases falling leaves to represent the season's change.

When you take your jacket off or wear a mid-sleeve shirt, this colorful tattoo gives you that same pop of color. Wrap yourself up in a blanket with some hot cocoa as you look at the falling leaves of Autumn — oh wait that’s your tattoo! If you’re from Canada, then this tattoo is meant for you, and we’re not sorry about it!

Autumn Acorn Bracelet

If looking for some feminine, yet subtle tattoos that showcase Fall, then try out this black and white Autumn acorn bracelet. This lovely tattoo follows the minimalist trend that we are loving for new tattoos. With the hints of holly and acorns, it has Autumn written all over it. Wear this body art around your wrist as a bracelet along with a metallic watch, or add it as a part of your stacked bracelets collection like this Acorn Alex and Ani bracelet.

Sunflower Obsession

sunflower temporary tattoo on the cheek

This Sunflower temporary tattoo is sure to make you shine!

A perfect transition from Summer to Autumn are sunflowers! Sunflowers are a symbol of adoration and loyalty derived from the Greek myth of Clytie and Apollo.

If you’re looking for a simple, realistic form of the beautiful sunflower to decorate your skin, then look no further than our sunflower temporary tattoo. This fun tattoo is small enough to stand out without overwhelming your fall fashion.

For the real trendsetters, our sunflower black and white temporary tattoo is perfect to wear on the back of your neck or your inner arm for that touch of beauty. When sitting next to the fireplace, these tattoos are sure to make a simplistically bold statement.

Metallic Gold Leaf Bracelet

As we tap into our love for nature this Autumn, we are obsessing over our new metallic gold leaf bracelet. This elegant temporary tattoo goes on like a cuffed bracelet but gives the look of intricate leaves wrapping around your upper arm. With the metallic gold finish, these leaves are anything but ordinary.

Wear this bracelet around your wrist when you’re draped in an oversized sweater, leggings, and over-the-knee boots. This bracelet will pop out of your sweater, giving you an extra touch of fab!

As you’re shopping for new statement pieces to update your style this Autumn, check out our Pinterest board for some inspiration! Tag us on social media @temporary.tattoos with your new fall fashion tattoos. If you are looking for something different, upload your design and create your own temporary tat!

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