Top 5 Saint Patrick’s Day Party Ideas - Throwing The Best Irish Bash

saint patrick day party ideas

Every year, when March 12th rolls around, the world seems to take a greenish allure. Ireland most certainly, but many other countries around the globe as well.

This is because the 12th of March is dedicated to St. Patrick's Day, and people celebrate it with games, themed parties, food, and all things Irish — especially if they’re green.

On this day, you can see how Saint Patrick’s Day party ideas overflow, with people wanting to make their party the best with the most catchy ideas.

In this blog, you will find some great inspiration to make your St. Patrick's Day party fabulous and memorable for all your guests. Let’s dig in!

What Is The Theme For St. Patrick's Day?

Although several symbols hold the torch for this celebration, the shamrock is probably the most known and widespread of them all. This is because, at its roots, St. Patrick’s Day has religious origins.

St. Patrick used the shamrock to visually represent and explain Christianity’s Holy Trinity when he arrived in London. This remembrance never left the country ever since, making the symbol of the shamrock well-known worldwide.

It’s clear to see how powerful this symbol is even when observing all the Saint Patrick Day party ideas out there, all circling around the shamrock

temporary tattoos saint patrick day party ideas

What Are Some Typical St. Patrick's Day Traditions?

Irish culture is extremely appealing! So whether you already have green blood running through your veins or you simply admire this country from afar, no one will blame you for wanting to join the fun.

Those celebrating St. Patrick’s Day will most likely adorn their houses with a myriad of symbols, such as rainbows, leprechauns, shamrocks, or the classic pot of gold. They will also prepare foods like corned beef and cabbage. Music, dancing, and parades can be seen everywhere, while green absolutely steals the spotlight.

The perfect way for you to enjoy the fun St. Patrick’s Day atmosphere is to join the crowds and their Saint Patrick’s day party ideas. Just put on some green clothing and attempt your first steps in Irish dancing. Saint Patrick’s day is the kind of celebration that brings those ready to laugh their pants off together.

The list of things you can do on St. Patrick’s day is endless. You can join the St. Patrick’s Day parade, wear a leprechaun hat, eat gold chocolate coins, and more! However, if you want to go green or go home and celebrate big, you can throw your own St. Patrick’s Day bash.

So! Put your best Saint Patrick's day party ideas to good use and get to experience a day of fun with all your friends.

How Do You Throw a St. Patrick's Day Party?

The answer to this is pretty straightforward — you throw a St. Patrick’s Day party just like you would any other. There will be drinks, food, games, and cheerful folks all over.

The only difference when throwing a St. Patrick’s Day party is that you need to focus on the theme. Think green, shamrocks, beer and Irish whiskey, leprechauns, and rainbow decorations.

Is it enough, though? What else can you do to enhance the fun and make it the coolest party any Irish fan has ever attended?

If you’re nervous about the logistics of the party, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

1. Make Your Food And Drinks Memorable...And Green

No party is good enough without great food and drinks. These will always turn out to be the basis for great conversations and plenty of fun. So how about making your Saint Patrick’s Day food memorable...as of...completely green?

You can always serve the staples, of course! Do not even think of skipping the traditional Dublin Coddle, a dish in which bacon and pork sausage steal the limelight, the traditional Irish stew, or the classic corned beef. Still! You could 'green-up' things a notch.

From green beer to green bread, a pesto dip, green peas, and guacamole, all the way to mint chocolates and puddings, let the spirit of St. Patrick guide your culinary ideas! In the end, it is all about letting everything about this party speak about how fun it is to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

2. Get Saint Patrick’s Day Themed Temporary Tattoos

st. patrick temporary tattoos

Looking for some more creative ideas for your party, which will also show appreciation for the beautiful country of Ireland and its culture? Then you can get Saint Patrick’s Day themed temporary tattoos.

From the Celtic Knot to the Luck of the Irish Horseshoe, you can wear a symbolic tattoo that speaks volumes of your love for Irish culture.

Temporary tattoos for St. Patrick are small, stylish, versatile, and fun, tempting for both kids and adults, and make one of the best Saint Patrick’s day party ideas.

Offer them to all your guests. Encourage everyone to wear them, and your party will most likely become a joyful get-together filled with people in love with anything Irish. Better yet, gift these tattoos as party favors, and wear them for as long as the celebrations last. Choose the Irish flag, a glitter four-leaf clover, a ‘kiss me I’m Irish’ design, or pick up a St. Patrick’s Day variety pack! and let the good times roll!

When you’re ready to take them off, you can simply do it in just a few quick steps. Browse our collection and rest assured that, no matter what designs you choose, your guests will absolutely love them. 

woman wearing leprechaun hat temporary tattoo

3. Themed Tableware

Did you know you can also use temporary tattoos on your tableware? If you are even just a little crafty, you can decorate plates, bowls, and glasses with these. The Happy St. Pat's is a top favorite. If you want to take the fancy route, choose the Celtic knot.

4. Play Fun Saint Patrick's Day Party Games

There’s no doubt about it! Parties are meant for having endless fun and sharing the great Saint Patrick's day party ideas you thought of. They’re for meeting old friends, making new ones, and getting memorable conversations started. Apart from this, parties also offer a group opportunity for group games, the kind that engages everyone and turns the party on.

Think shamrock hopscotch, a scavenger hunt for the old pot of gold with the little ones. Or you create a leprechaun trap and wait to see who will be your first victim. These should be good starters for kids and, why not, pretty fun for adults too.

5. Party Props, Costumes, And Color Code

You’ve got the tattoos, the food, the games...but you also need to get everyone on board with props, costumes, or at least a green color code! Don’t shy away from asking your peers to plan a bit for the occasion. People love the opportunity to go all-in and shine, and this is it.

The Takeaway

In the end, Saint Patrick’s Day is a day of celebration, getting together, and sharing the joy, the laughter, and the feeling of belonging.

Throwing a great and immersive party might just be the pinnacle of it all and, if you have the right Saint Patrick’s day party ideas, you may just create memories that last for a lifetime.

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