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Homemade Crafts Using Temporary Tattoos

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Crafting With Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos have long been a novelty gift for children’s birthday parties and a quick and easy Halloween costume solution. But these common uses of temporary tattoos are just the beginning! Temporary tattoos can be used on numerous types of surfaces to create homemade crafts and personalized items like notebooks, cell phone cases, and more.

The Process

For a homemade project, the preferred method of temporary tattoo application is to use a spray bottle and paper towel.

Using a spray bottle allows you to better control the amount of water you are using to apply the tattoo. This will help avoid over saturating the tattoo or wetting the surface. If the surface gets wet, the tattoo may not hold or could cause a porous surface (like a notebook) to start to curl and dry funny. Let the surface dry completely before trying to reapply.

After lightly spraying the paper towel remove the plastic clear covering and place the temporary tattoo face down onto the surface. Hold the wet paper towel against the paper backing of the temporary tattoo, pressing firmly for 30 seconds. You will want to check a small corner of the tattoo before fully removing the back. Once you can tell it is starting to release, slowly peel back the paper to reveal your newly decorated surface.

creating a homemade project with temporary tattoos

Craft a Place Setting With Temporary Tattoos

Place Card

The homemade project with temporary tattoos showcased above is a table setting for brunch.

The first task was to create name cards for the guests. We cut small fold-over cards from card stock with a tab at the bottom. The size of the card is the same as the tattoo design we picked out. We had measured the area within the crescent and used that information to write the name within those boundaries.

The application process above was used to apply the tattoo to the card. Finally, we set the card in a candle holder with glass beads that were purchased from the dollar store.

temporary tattoo application

applying temporary tattoos on a homemade project

temporary tattoo name card

homemade name card using temporary tattoo

Napkin Ring

The napkin ring we made is very similar to the place card. We simply applied the tattoo to a piece of card stock that was cut to match the size, and once the tattoo was in place, we cut around the shape of the tattoo.

To attach the design, we taped a length of cotton twine to the back, wrapped it around a heavy disposable napkin, and tied a bow.

homemade project with temporary tattoos, paper, and string

craft napkin ring with tattoo


For this place setting, we used one glass dinner plate and one glass salad plate. We were able to purchase these items from the dollar store. You must place the temporary tattoo on the backside of the glass plate as the tattoo is not permanent and can flake off into the food. Although at we test our tattoos’ safety rigorously, nobody wants to eat that! So do not forget to keep the plate dry for the temporary tattoo to adhere correctly.

homemade craft plate decoration using temporary tattoos

flower temporary tattoo on plate

craft flower tattoo on plate

Final Place Setting

The final setup of your homemade project includes the salad size glass plate with the Watercolor Flower temporary tattoo on top of a cloth napkin, set on the dinner size glass plate. The napkin wrapped with the Pastel Peony tattoo sits next to the plate, and the name card with the Crescent Watercolor Flowers is placed above.

homemade project with temporary tattoos finalized

Wrapping Up This Homemade Project Using Temporary Tattoos

Each place setting cost less than $6 (not including the cloth napkin, we had those on hand). The plates and candle holder can be easily used again. The removal of the tattoo is simple with our tattoo removal wipes, so you can customize place settings for each season and occasion!

If you found our article on homemade crafts with temporary tattoos useful, wait no more and start planning brunch. Don’t forget to tag us in your tattoo place setting creations! And remember, if you want to get custom tattoos, you can simply upload your design and order them online.

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