Unicorn Temporary Tattoos
Unicorns are definitely real with this temporary tattoo!
In the first part of this series, we delved into Halloween costumes for the little ones.

But today is the time to dress up the grown-ups! So, for adults that want to raise the bar this Halloween, an easy DIY unicorn costume might be your chosen one! It’s cute, fun, stunning, and super creative.

Must props needed for this costume include a tutu, unicorn horn, and of course, glitter!

For a quick tutorial on how to make your own tutu (no sewing!) WikiHow has you set with three different methods. The best part about this costume is that there are many ways to make it unique to you. For some extra DIY inspiration, check out these tips;

Pick a Color Palette
Blue, pink, violet, turquoise are amongst the top colors for most DIY unicorn costumes. Pick your favorite and roll with it. Use it as inspiration for all the elements of your costume and sprinkle different shades here and there.

Glitter All Over
Whatever you do, you will want to add glitter to your costume! Even if you go for the most basic DIY version of a unicorn, and regardless of being a full-grown adult, touches of glitter will make your outfit come to life.

Metallic Freckles And Temporary Tattoos
Give yourself some extra flare with our mythical unicorn temporary tattoos. Add some metallic rainbow freckles to your costume so you are not worrying about your makeup coming off. We know how long the perfect look takes to master!

Mix And Match Mythical Creatures
Feel like adding a mermaid touch to your costume? Or maybe become a unicorn fairy? Let your imagination flow and mix and match ideas to create the most original DIY costume.

August 30, 2022 — Riana King

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