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Day of the Dead

Modern day practices of Halloween are driven by costumes, candy and fun for the whole family! While the sugar rush is wearing off from Halloween in many homes, families in many countries such as Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil and Spain are preparing for the 2 day celebration of Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead.

About Day of the Dead

The holiday is a celebration for the departed that is more than 3,000 years old! Initially, it was a ritual practiced by the indigenous people of Mexico. The Spanish Conquistadors witnessed the celebration, and believed that it was a practice to mock death. They tried to eradicate the holiday, but were unsuccessful.

The Conquistadors inherent opinions of the celebration were far from true, however. The first days of November are used to celebrate, and remember loved ones who have passed away. Some believe that on these days, the souls of the dead return to Earth to visit the family members they left behind. The souls are also said to give advice to loved ones!

The name "Day of the Dead" can create an image of dark, scary cemeteries or people mourning the loss of friends and relatives. The celebration is quite the opposite! Participants visit grave sites to do general upkeep. Such as pulling weeds and decorating the grave with colorful flowers, candles, ceramic skulls and photos. Many families also prepare the deceased favorite foods, wear vibrant face paint, sing songs, and tell happy stories to encourage the spirits to visit.


While honoring those that have passed away, the holiday is also a time for families and friends to have fun together. Day of the Dead celebrations have become well known for the style of face paint that is worn. Face painting is not completely congruent with ancient traditions. But it has become a growing trend in current Day of the Dead and Halloween celebrations.

Not a fan of paint induced messes?

The vibrant colors and bold designs make for a great photo! However, the paint may smear throughout the day and lose its vibrancy. A mess free alternative to gooey, unmanageable paint is temporary tattoos! We have a Day of the Dead category that includes sugar skull styled face designs as well as arms and hands to complete the look!

Head over to TemporaryTattoos.com and check out all our Dia de los Muertos style temporary tattoos!

P.S. Make sure to order stock designs by October 19th and custom tattoos by October 14th to get them in time for Halloween and Day of the Dead (via standard USPS 5-day transit).

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