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6 Ways to Use Valentine's Day Temporary Tattoos

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Valentine's Day is not just for couples. It's a time to celebrate all the loved ones in your life, including friends, family, and even pets! Temporary tattoos are a wonderful, healthy alternative to Valentine's Day sweets and candy. Here are six fun ways to use Valentine's Day temporary tattoos to celebrate all of the love in your life:

1. In the Classroom

Kids love temporary tattoos and these cost-effective "treats" are easy to apply. Plus they fit into standard Valentine's Day cards. So if you are an educator, hand out Valentine's Day-themed temporary tattoos as an alternative to candy and sweets. Temporary tattoos will also stick to glass, so you can even use Valentine's tattoos as decals on classroom windows!

Super Hero Valentines

2. At the Office

Depending on the state of your love life, Valentine's Day can be a love it or hate it kind of holiday. Diffuse any negativity and bring smiles and laughter to the office this Valentine's Day by sharing temporary tattoos with your co-workers. This is a fun way to take a little break, acknowledge the holiday, and make everyone feel included.

3. To Honor Your Favorite Pet

What would you do without your dog or cat, always there by your side, making you smile? Design a custom temporary tattoo with your pet's name on it to show your love for your four-legged friend on Valentine's Day.

4. In Your Valentine's Cards

Valentine's temporary tattoos are great for including with cards to friends or family. Whether it's a card for your mother, sister, or grandchild, a Valentine's Day temporary tattoo will bring a smile to their face and add extra charm to your card.

5. On your date

Spice up your Valentine's Day date with a temporary tattoo. Wearing hearts or kisses is sure to spark the conversation and set a fun, relaxed tone. You can even hide a few naughty temporary tattoos as a romantic surprise for later!

date temporary tattoo

Show your wild side on a Valentine's Day date with temporary tattoos.

6. As a Random Act of Kindness

Keep a few temporary tattoos in your purse or pocket on Valentine's Day to give away throughout the day. You'll bring a smile to those you meet. It's a small way to spread a bit of happiness on a day that is all about love.

Valentine Smores

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