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When you think of beauty, what pops into your mind? Dazzling eyebrows? Twinkling freckles? A youthful, fresh look? We love all of those! However, as our beauty routines have evolved, so have the details we can add to boost our looks even more...Enter the world of beauty tattoos! A flair of the permanent without the lifelong commitment. It's the semi-permanent makeup revolution with a pinch of magic and a sprinkle of creativity.

From Classic Brows To Boho Wings: There’s Something For Everyone

Say goodbye to the permanent eyeliner mishaps and the woes of fading lip blushing. Let your skin flaunt your personal style with the help of our beauty tattoos. Want to redefine your eyebrows? Try our eyebrow temporary tattoos for a natural brow look without enduring the lengthy procedure of cosmetic tattooing.

Bohemian vibes calling? Our boho wings design will satiate your festival cravings, making you the talk of the party. And, because who doesn’t love a hint of green charm, our St Patrick’s Day shamrock freckles are bound to be a hit for those special celebrations — or when you're feeling extra lucky.

Styling, Sun, And Sassy Tattoos

These beauty tattoos adapt to every skin tone, making them a must-have in your beauty bag. Whether you have oily skin, stretch marks, or even a birthmark, these tattoos fit seamlessly, elevating your look to the next level. But remember, sun exposure speeds up the fading process, so proper care ensures your temporary beauty tattoos glow and dazzle for longer.

Going to a festival over the weekend? Planning the ultimate masquerade? Every fun event is a chance to show off your temporary beauty tattoos. Brighten up your cheeks with colorful metallic freckles, or be like a rainbow yourself with these flashy rainbow freckles. And bring some extra to share with your besties!

Inked Dreams: Create, Customize, Captivate

Tired of the conventional? Dreaming of a unique design that resonates with your soul? Our custom temporary tattoos are the answer. Shape your own design, add effects like glitter, metallic, or glow-in-the-dark, and watch your body become a canvas of beauty and creativity.

So, why wait? Dive into the trend taking the beauty and permanent makeup industry by storm. Let your skin narrate a story. Let your tattoos do the talking.