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Unique, Floral Temporary Tattoos

Floral temporary tattoos are one of the hottest items right now. If you are looking for roses, daisies, magnolias, or wildflowers we have them for you. Just take a look at what our artists have created. We also have watercolor tattoos in floral designs!

A popular choice amongst our customers, our floral temporary tattoos are great for parties, summer outings, and events of all kinds. If you aren't a fan of permanent tattoos and want a design that will last days not years, take a look at our gorgeous collection of flower temporary tattoos.

What Does a Floral Tattoo Symbolize 

The language of flowers is varied and intricate, with each flower telling a different story. With so many flower types coming in various colors, we are sure we have a tattoo for everyone, no matter the age. 

Pretty and feminine, floral tattoo designs have been long used to visually express love, friendship, and gratitude. So, if you are looking for a delicate body frill that will also send a message, know that our floral tattoos aren't only beautiful but also hold symbolic meaning. Choose red flowers to express romance and passion, white ones for purity, or a pink flower as a symbol of happiness and joy. Easy to apply on the skin, our floral temporary tattoos are so gorgeous and realistic that you won't want to take them off.

Realistic Floral Temporary Tattoos

Whatever the occasion, a floral temporary tattoo will make a great addition to any outfit and help you stand out. Get some to wear yourself, or offer them as gifts to your friends. You can also choose matching ones to honor your special mother-daughter bond, and style them together with the lady in your life.

Put on one of these colorful flower tattoos, and don’t worry about it smudging or peeling off. Bring your tattoo to the beach, a pool party, or any other event where you want to get creative without committing to permanent ink.

All our floral temporary tattoos look like the real deal! What's more, they are also waterproof, meaning that even when in contact with water, they'll appear sharp for days after application.

Create Your Own

If you haven’t found the floral tattoo you’ve been looking for, customize your own design!

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