Graduation is a day to celebrate the success and the life of the graduate. What better way to say I’m proud of you than with temporary tattoos of their face? These custom tattoos will be a hit at their graduation party, and they will be thrilled to see their guests wearing their face. If an image of their face being paraded around is just a little too weird for you, our traditional designs are also a great option to help in the celebration. You can choose the class, and the school colors to create a personalized and memorable experience. Show your graduate how much you care with this unique and personal element, which both they and their guests are sure to enjoy! Have once-in-a-lifetime photographs wearing our fashionable metallic and glitter paw prints.


Graduation (1 Results)
$1.85 - $5.64
Size: 2 in x 2 in
Temporary Tattoos | Custom, Metallic, Glow and More
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