Special Packaging

Psst…did you know that TemporaryTattoos.com offers special packaging options for your custom temporary tattoos? Let us turn your artwork into a masterpiece that’s ready to be shared with the world! Your tattoo can arrive sealed in protective plastic, either individually or as a set. If you have the need for professional-looking cardstock pouches, custom boxes, or envelopes, we’d be happy to help you create something amazing. After all, what’s the only think better than a temporary tattoo? That’s easy: a whole assortment of awesome custom tats!

Note: special packaging will protect your tattoos and make them look fantastic, but it will add about 1-2 weeks to the total production time. Be sure to tell us if your project has a hard deadline so we can confirm our ability to meet it. As always, we’ll do our absolute best to accommodate your needs!

How To Order

Call 877-776-5136 or email sales@temporarytattoos.com for available options, ideas, and price quotes.