Boy Scout Troop 90 of Bend, Oregon

Boy Scouts Tattoo

Boy Scouts Tattoo

This month, we partnered with to donate 5,000 custom temporary tattoos to a Boy Scout troop from Bend, Oregon. We were pleased to be able to talk a bit with their Assistant Scout Master J C Root and learn more about the organization. Here's what J C Root had to say:

I have been active with the Scouts since 1995 when a group of parents decided to form Pack 90 Cub Scouts for our sons. While my oldest son choose not to continue with Cub Scouts my 2 youngest sons have chosen to continue on with Boy Scouts. After Cub Scouts we were looking for an active Boy Scout Troop that was based on a boy lead philosophy and were highly active in the outdoors. Unable to find a Boy Scout Troop that fit our needs, I along with several Pack 90 parents decided to Form Troop 90 here in Bend, Oregon.

Troop 90 formed in Jan 2010 with just 5 Boy Scouts and since then we have grown to 25 boys in our Troop. I have held the positions of Quartermaster, Committee Chairman, Treasurer and Assistant Scoutmaster over the last 4 years. In 2016 to 2018, I will serve as Scoutmaster to the troop just in time to see my boys make Eagle Rank.

Troop 90 is a highly active in the outdoors here in the Cascade Mountains with the Troop camping 11 months out of the year. During December, Troop 90 is busy with selling Christmas trees to the public. Selling of Christmas trees funds the Troop for the entire year and pays for a majority of Scouts summer camp fees. 2014 is shaping up to be a banner year for Troop 90 with a group of older Scouts and leaders going to Philmont Boy Scout Ranch in New Mexico for a 130-backpacking trip. While our younger Scouts, leaders and I are going to Camp Melita in Montana for summer camp for a week of fun. Every month of 2014 we have some kind of camping or backpacking trip planned for out Troop except for December.

Currently a majority of our older Scouts have over 50 nights of camping and will be receiving their award this spring along with several adult leaders. I myself have over 60 nights of camping with my two sons who are Troop 90 Boy Scouts. Over the last 4 years with Troop 90 I have watched several young boys mature into young men. I also have watched my own boys grow from goofy 11 year olds to capable adventurous young men. The Boy Scouts have been great for my boys and I, I look forward to many more adventures and trips over the years with the Scouts.

It is exciting for us to be able to help organizations such as this that are shaping our future generations. We were happy to be able to help out troop 90 and provide them with these temporary tattoos! Do you know a deserving charity or organization that should receive 5,000 free custom tattoos? Tell us in the comments below!

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Kerri Hallman

Kerri Hallman

I’m looking for reasonably priced temporary tattoos. Our district each year as a fund raiser for the guiding units does a carnival and my Spark unit is going to man a temporary tattoo booth.

Thanks for any information you can help me with.

Calgary, Alberta

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