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Temporary Tattoos: The Perfect Test Drive for the Real Thing

head tattoo fail

I'll bet this guy wishes he tried a temporary tattoo before you getting the real thing.

Tattoos have become a part of mainstream popular culture and today, as a result, the audience for permanent ink is getting younger and younger (think Justin Bieber). When you're only 18 or 20 years old, you may not know who you are yet or how you will change in your adult years. We don't stay young forever, and as your body ages and your skin stretches, you may come to regret your early ink or its placement. Before committing to a tattoo, experiment with temporary tattoos. Below are the top five reasons that temporary tattoos are a wonderful test drive for the real thing:

1. Customize the Design

One of the beautiful things about temporary tattoos is that you can make the design exactly what you want. In doing this, you are able to recreate the exact size, shape, colors, and layout of the tattoo that you are thinking about getting permanently and give it a test run. This will ensure that you are pleased with the design in every way possible.

2. Change the Position

With temporary tattoos, you can try the tattoo in several different positions before you decide where you want it. This is great if you are thinking about getting a permanent tattoo because it will help you find the best place to display your new artwork. Consider how your body will change with the years, and opt for a placement that will look beautiful for decades.

3. Apply and Remove with Ease

Temporary tattoos can be applied and removed very easily which allows you to test and re-test the tattoo wherever you want. Using some water to apply and a bit of baby oil or rubbing alcohol to remove, this is much easier than sitting through a laser removal process!

4. Change Your Mind

With temporary tattoos, you are not locked into the design or the ink when you place it on your body. You can change your mind and easily remove the tattoo if you decide that it is not for you. Permanent tattoos are not so forgiving, if you end up hating the tattoo, removing it is quite the ordeal.

5. Experiment, Try Something Else

Maybe you have a few different designs in mind. With temporary tattoos you can try as many designs as you want. You are not locked into anything and you do not have to stick with one design at all. You can change them as the tattoos wear off, or remove them to try something new right away.

Temporary tattoos are truly commitment free. They are a great resource to use when you are trying to make decisions about getting a real and permanent tattoo, and they allow you the freedom to walk through all of your options before making a choice that will be with you forever.

Have you used a temporary tattoo as a test run? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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