Adorn your skin with our imaginative range of scars tattoos - a temporary tattoo universe, where fright is right, and style has a bite! Daringly delightful and wildly whimsical, our designs cater to anyone with an edge for the audacious, a sense of the unconventional, or just a love for a little skin art that screams, ‘bite me!’

Our range of scars and stitches temporary tattoos offers you the thrill of 'faux-real' skin tales. Walk into your next Halloween party sporting a spooky stitch, or reveal a trail of skin staples at your next rock concert. 

Dare To Scare, If You Dare To Care!

Whether you're a party-goer, a cosplayer, an enthusiast of the arts, or simply like to mix things up, these scars tattoos are your best bet. What better way to compliment your grunge outfit than with a dainty vampire kiss alongside your little black dress for a night out?

Scars and stitches temporary tattoos aren't merely for style. They're a mark of your personality, a representation of your love for a whimsical world where normal is boring. They're an opportunity to wear your quirks on your sleeve - or your arm, neck, or ankle!

Art On Your Skin - Your Way!

Because 'YOU-niqueness' matters, we offer custom temporary tattoos that let your creativity take the lead. You can design your own scar tattoos, adding a touch of you to every stroke. 

Want to turn up the glam factor? Add a dash of glitter, choose a metallic sheen, or let it glow in the dark for that after-dark allure. The choice is all yours!

Our scars and stitches temporary tattoos are more than just ink on your skin. They're fun, they're stylish, they're 'YOU.' So, why blend in when you can stand out?