Temporary Tattoo Booth: Perfect for Any Event!

temporary tattoo fundraiser kids

Today we're excited to share photos from a fall festival, which featured a temporary tattoo booth as a fun and profitable fundraiser.

The Theatricum Botanicum in Topanga, CA has a fall festival every year to raise money for its educational programs. The theater cleverly calls its festival "Theatricum BOO-tanicum." This past fall, the group was looking for a new activity at the event and reached out to Tattoo Sales to get involved.

temporary tattoo fundraiser booth

Theatricum Botanicum set up a temporary tattoo booth, manned by a volunteer "tattoo artist" and a huge variety of Halloween-themed temporary tattoos. To set up your own tattoo booth, include a variety of tattoos for participants to choose from. Have sponges or washcloths handy for application. Remember to cut out your tattoos prior to the event, if they are all printed on one sheet. Finally, dedicate a booth tattoo artist to help people with application.

temporary tattoo fundraiser kids

The tattoo booth was a huge success! As Samara Frame, one of the event organizers, told us: "The kids were fascinated by them and the grownups were wearing them like they were super tough!"

"Overall at the event, we raised more than $6,500 for the Theatricum Botanicum’s education programs and I am so so grateful."

halloween temporary tattoos fundraiser

Frame also said that the tattoos held up well. In the past, Theatricum Botanicum has used other tattoos that peeled off after 30 minutes on kids' skin. This year, the tattoos lasted for more than 2 weeks!

Running your own fundraising event? Stock up on crowd-pleasing temporary tattoos. Hand them out as giveaways, give them to game winners, or set up your own temporary tattoo booth.

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Gloria Salcido

Gloria Salcido

I’m looking to see if you have a temporary tatoo booth for our annual christmas party that will be in Dec. Please get back to me my email is I would really appreciate.

Thank You,


Sara Shupe

Sara Shupe

Do you ever do booths for block parties (80-100 people)? If so how much?

Lora Alford

Lora Alford

This is an awesome idea. I love it and we are going to use this idea to raise money for our cheer group.

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