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5 Great Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day

Stuck on what to get your dad for Father's Day? Here’s a list of five ideas that he will absolutely love!

Father's Day Anchor Temporary Tattoo

1. Vintage Temporary Tattoos 

What more could a dad want than to see his kids' smiling faces? This is a great idea for some one-on-one time with dad this Father's Day. Grab some traditional temporary tattoos (or any other style he might love), and let the fun begin! With their simple application, children of all ages can join in the fun. Plus, their low cost makes them affordable for everyone. Dad will surely be appreciative of the reminiscent, vintage designs! To top it off, capture the moment of contrasting youth and antiquity with a photo. Just add a frame, and you've got a perfect Father's Day gift!

Father's Day

2. Sports Grilling Spatula

Is your dad a grilling maniac, too? Make his barbecuing hobby more personalized than ever! Get him a spatula engraved with the logo or name of his favorite professional sport’s team. This unique gift idea is inexpensive -- but dad’s joy will be priceless! He will be more prepared for game day than anybody else.

3. Personalized Temporary Tattoos

Art: Kids love making it, Dads love receiving it... So why not take it a step further and transform their art into a temporary tattoo?! With our custom temporary tattoos, you can upload any image to our site and make temporary tattoos! Dad can show off his Father's Day gift for all to see, and the kiddos will love seeing their creations in this form.

4. Coffee Mug

Get your dad a little reminder that he is the best—a #1 Dad coffee mug! This gift is heartfelt and long lasting. Plus, it might even help you out on those mornings when it seems he has awakened on the wrong side of the bed. Just say, “Remember Dad, you’re number one!” and pour him a cup of his favorite grind. That should be sure to put a smile on his face, and more importantly, keep you out of the danger zone.

Can't find the perfect mug? Head to the Dollar tree and pick up a plain mug. Then grab some temporary tattoos (we have letters to add a message) and any other designs you want to add to your mug, finally add a layer of Mod Podge on top of the dry mug and let dry completely! Viola, you've just created a personalized coffee mug for pops that's sure to make his day special (and many days to come!).

5. Customizable T-Shirt

Here’s another great gift suggestion—make a plain t-shirt look like art! Get a plain t-shirt from any craft store, such as Michael’s, for hardly any money and have the kids decorate it with fabric markers! This practically home-made, genuine gift will let him show off your artwork all day long!

From traditional temporary tattoos to a customizable t-shirt, these Father’s Day ideas are sure to impress and make your dad’s day even better. To top it off, they are affordable so you don’t need to worry about Dad throwing a fit over spending money! Their personable quality will make Dad grateful you didn't just get him another tie.

Be sure to check out to shop our traditional temporary tattoos, and for other holiday and gift ideas!

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