Cost Effective & Creative Ideas for Valentine's Day

Forming a heart with their hands, a couple wears matching avocado tattoos for Valentine's Day

Wear your heart on your sleeve... literally! Celebrate Valentine's Day with your loved ones in style with temporary tattoos. From romantic dates to Valentine's Day parties to celebrations in the classroom, the activities are endless, and we are here to help give you a little bit of inspiration as you plan. Many of us eagerly wait for this day to come so start planning and get your decorations in advance. It's a holiday to celebrate big and many want to make sure it's a remarkable day.

A new survey predicts that "U.S consumers will spend a total of 18.2 million on their Valentines this year." But luckily , we have gathered creative and cost effective ideas for you to enjoy this holiday.

Valentine's Day Goodies The Don't Break the Bank

Forming a heart with their hands, a couple wears matching avocado tattoos for Valentine's Day.

Show your special someone that they complete you!

From flowers to jewelry to chocolates, some people overspend when they don't have to. If you are looking for ideas that don't break the bank, consider matching temporary tattoos like this glitter heart to act as a sweet addition to your Valentine's Day scavenger hunt. Use these avocado couple tattoos to keep things exciting and show your special someone how they truly complete you.

Spice up your Valentine's date with cute or naughty temporary tattoos. For girls, wear kissescherries or any of our love temporary tattoos to compliment your outfit, and bring your sexy back. Guys, show off our guns rocking a set of red roses or wear a forever heart with arrow temporary tattoo on your sleeve to show your love and connection to that special person.

Match Up Friends At Your Party

Valentine's Day doesn't just celebrate love, it celebrates friendship but also the potential for love. Use temporary tattoos at your friends at your friend's party to bring potential couple together. Hand out sets of two matching tattoos and have your guests put them on. Let them find their match ad let the socializing begin! This heart temporary tattoo or these hearts and arrows can help your guests point themselves in the right direction. 

Sitting near a window woman admires her Valentine's Day temporary tattoo.

 All you need is love.

Valentine's Day in the Classroom

This year make your child's Valentine personal and easy. Save the envelopes and expensive cards and order custom coasters with your child's favorite image printed on one side, and the blank side can be used to write personal messages to their friends. Throw in a few Valentine's Day temporary tattoos as on extra treat for the classroom. This Valentine’s Day Snuggle Buddy. would be perfect. You can also use temporary tattoos in your cards to add and extra touch of friendship and have the kids play around with them for hours. Split up a Valentines so every kid can join in on the fun and to keep your wallet happy at the same time.

Custom Coasters Will Make Your Event Remarkable

Custom coasters are also an exciting way to get people together. Create your own custom coasters that have a blank side and hand them to every guest. Play two truths and a lie by writing facts (and lies!) on your coasters and begin sharing! And at the end of the night everyone gets to take their coaster home with the satisfaction of knowing they made some new friends.

Valentine's Dan fun can be more than just chocolates and diamonds. Celebrate in style with temporary tattoos! Explore many of our related categories such as our True loveLove and many more! If you can't find what you're looking for, create your custom tattoo for your significant other, your party, or the classroom. Happy Valentine's Day!

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