4 Companies Utilizing Augmented Reality

augmented reality

Have you been noticing the buzz about augmented reality lately? This new technology is a great way for marketers and brands to take everyday items like temporary tattoos, product catalogs, and even soda cans, to produce immersive experiences for their customers. 


To promote the 2015 Super Bowl, Pepsi is releasing more than 19 million cans with an augmented reality campaign call-to-action. Pepsi drinkers can download an app and scan their can to unlock a digital “locker room” environment. The campaign features a chance to win tickets to the 2015 Super Bowl. The app also allows participants to pose for a photo with their favorite NFL player and then share the images across social media accounts.


An augmented reality application by Ikea allows customers to try before they buy. Customers can place the 2014 Ikea catalog in any spot where they would like a new piece of furniture to go. Then using a phone or tablet and a special app, customers can scan the catalog and select the appropriate item to see how that furniture actually looks in the room!

3.Ford Motors

Ford Motors deployed an augmented reality app as part of its presence at the 2014 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Visitors to the Ford display were encouraged to download a special app with which to view each model. The app allowed visitors to interact with the vehicles in a 4D environment. For example, to showcase the ample trunk space in its SUV, the Ford app allowed visitors to see the trunk fill up with soccer balls.

4.Haagen Dasz

Did you know that it takes two minutes for ice cream to temper after you take it out of the freezer? To realize the best flavors, Haagen Dasz recommends that customers wait two minutes before enjoying their products. To help impatient ice cream lovers wait, Haagen Dasz came up with an augmented reality application called the Concerto Timer. Consumers can download the Concerto Timer app and point their phone at the lid of any Haagen Dasz product to enjoy a two-minute long classical concert. It looks like the violin or cello player is three dimensional and sitting right on top of the lid.

Did you get to take part in any of these augmented reality campaigns? For more on this topic, check out our post about how Capri Sun used temporary tattoos for its augmented reality campaign or read our intro to augmented reality post.

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