National Best Friends Day

National Best Friends Day

Celebrate National Best Friends Day!

Best Friends are like siblings that you get to pick! Even though you're not related by blood, you share a special bond with your best friend. This bond can't be broken by time, distance or even blatant honesty (like that time you told your BFF you hated that haircut). This person can, and probably has, showed up at your house unannounced, called you repeatedly at all hours of the night, and been there for you whenever, wherever and however you needed them! The duty of a true best friend is never done; from always having each others backs, to supporting each other through the many trials and tribulations of life, it's a lot of work to be a best friend and very rewarding to have one!

Today is National Best Friends Day! A day where you can both show your appreciation and recognize just how far you and your BFF have come since you met. These days, a very popular trend has began to arise... Matching tattoos! What better day to head down to your local tattoo shop and get some matching ink with your bestie than National Best Friends Day?! But before you go getting inked for life, lets think about this for a second. Tattoos are permanent! As in forever... As in that Hello Kitty tattoo you think is adorable and needs to be on your ankle? It's still going to be there on your wedding day!

Just some food for thought, best friends are forever... But your tattoos don't have to be! Temporary tattoos.

National Best Friends Day

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